Coronavirus: Parish council suspends meetings for the rest of March

Covid-19 / Sun 8th Mar 2020 am31 08:14am

Coronavirus: Parish council suspends meetings for the rest of March

NORTH Weald Bassett Parish Council is suspending council meetings – including the Annual Parish Assembly – after Essex’s first case of Coronavirus was diagnosed at Princess Alexandra Hospital, Harlow.

District and parish councillor Nigel Bedford told tonight’s parish council meeting that Government advice following today’s COBRA meeting – which is expected to be disseminated to local authorities tomorrow – could include that council meetings are suspended.

Epping Forest District Council is considering cancelling an awards ceremony for grant recipients this week, Mr Bedford added.

The North Weald Bassett Parish Council meetings that are currently being suspended are the Annual Allotments meeting on Sunday, March 22, and the Annual Parish Assembly at The Parish Hall, Thornwood Common, on Monday, March 23. However the council will keep the matter under review.

Mr Bedford said: “The speed at which this (Coronavirus) has spread is quite outstanding.

“We all go to other meetings. If this (suspending parish council meetings) cuts out one meeting it just minimises the risk of spreading this (the virus) unnecessarily.”

Parish clerk Sue DeLuca told the meeting: “What we don’t want to do is be too late in doing it (suspending meetings).

“Obviously we don’t want to be scaremongering but we want to make sure that what we are doing is correct.”

The parish council is awaiting guidance from both the Government and Epping Forest District Council before taking further decisions.

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