Old Harlow’s Daisy draws a Rainbow of Hope

A VERY KIND Harlow girl has drawn a rainbow of hope and put it in her window as part of her effort to keep spirits up as the world fights the coronavirus pandemic.

Daisy is aged seven and lives in the Jocelyns area of Old Harlow.

Her mother, Sarah said: “Can I just tell you all how amazing our younger members of society have been despite all of the uncertainty of recent times.

Numerous children have been putting up rainbows in windows and spreading messages of hope.

My daughter is seven and has drawn her rainbow and been out in the garden chalking rainbows with hope and love written with them.

“The younger children in Harlow are a real credit to us and providing us with some joy and hope in what is a uncertain time”.

If your child has also drawn a rainbow of hope then please send one to us at [email protected] or the comments section on our Facebook page.

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