Robert Halfon MP launches “Corona Heroes” campaign in Harlow with The Safeguarding Alliance

News / Mon 13th Apr 2020 am30 07:47am

ROBERT Halfon MP has today launched a campaign to celebrate the “Corona Heroes” who are working so hard to keep people safe, supplied and supported in Harlow, amid the outbreak of Covid-19.

Harlow’s MP has teamed up with a local children’s safeguarding charity, The Safeguarding Alliance, to recognise the individuals, not-for-profits and businesses that are on the frontline delivering care, keeping services running and providing vulnerable residents with food, supplies or someone to talk to over the phone.

A photo of the nominated Corona Hero with a description of what they are doing and special thank you message are posted on both Robert Halfon MP and The Safeguarding Alliance’s Facebook pages.

Robert Halfon MP said: “At a time when we cannot show our appreciation in person, I thought it was so important to give these incredible Corona Heroes the recognition they deserve.

“Over the past few weeks, our Harlow community has come together like no other to help those in need, or contribute to the national effort to overcome this pandemic – from businesses, charities and faith groups, to volunteers, emergency services, supermarket workers, waste collectors and, of course, our NHS frontline staff.

“It’s great to share some positive news stories and I’m thrilled to be able to bring Corona Heroes to Harlow with The Safeguarding Alliance.”

Emily Konstantas, CEO of The Safeguarding Alliance said: “The #CoronaHeroUK enables the community to thank, acknowledge, show respect and applaud those who are risking their lives every day to serve our country and its people.

“The #CoronaHeroUK focuses on nominations from all critical worker sectors. At a time where critical workers may feel forgotten, exhausted and scared we want them and their families to know that the country applauds them.”

Corona Heroes nominations can be submitted by messaging The Safeguarding Alliance on Facebook (or for those not on social media, by emailing [email protected]) with the name, photo, email address, mailing address and the reason for the nomination, of the Corona Hero.


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2 Comments for Robert Halfon MP launches “Corona Heroes” campaign in Harlow with The Safeguarding Alliance:

2020-04-13 17:19:50

Whilst this is an excellent idea and will be well appreciated within the wider caring community ,we would at this point like the local MP to ensure all staff have the right PPE to enable our hero’s to provide safe care. I ask his office to contact all the nursing, residential and community homes to understand the significance of getting supplies to these areas. Your Harlow has reported on a national statement from the main charities who are asking for PPE to protect and provide safe care. honestly at this time it’s lovely and kind to talk about medals and certificates but what we want and need is PPE. Please let’s put 100% effort into this and celebrate the incredible work that all care staff are providing later. We know it’s not easy and we know the national and international challenges but let’s stay focused and resolve the PPE crisis.

2020-04-14 15:51:05

All of the Tory MPs who voted against a pay rise for nurses in 2017 https://www.theneweuropean.co.uk/top-stories/all-of-the-tory-mps-who-voted-against-a-pay-rise-for-nurses-in-2017-1-6606825 "“Maybe ‘all MPs who voted AGAINST giving nurses a pay rise in 2017’ that are still MPs and/or in government could vote FOR giving nurses a pay rise in 2020 when parliament returns next week,” said campaigner Gina Miller." On the list who voted AGAINST are: Boris Johnson, Jeremy Hunt, Dominic Raab, and Robert Halfon. How will Robert vote next time, and why? Does it get a global pandemic for some people to realise the real worth of certain jobs? Just a few weeks ago some jobs were regarded as "low pay, low qualification". Now those same jobs are called "key workers".

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