Chief Executive of PAH Lance McCarthy details “amazing journey to transform healthcare”

Health / Thu 11th Jun 2020 at 03:17pm

Dear Editor,

I was interested to note the letter about our new hospital and I am pleased to take the opportunity to respond to the points raised.

We are just about to take the first step on an amazing journey to transform healthcare for the local population and for them to be part of the decisions we make about the hospital, the way we deliver care and making the new building accessible – in all ways.

We have had a vision for a modern, brand new hospital for many years and with your help we are going to bring that vision to life. We are going to develop a building fit for the 21st Century with technology at its heart that will allow us to deliver outstanding healthcare and also be a fabulous place to work.

We have been striving to build a new hospital for the local communities for some years now and that has included extensive engagement and conversations with community groups, stakeholders, our health and social care partners and our people too. Following a detailed options appraisal process, the preferred way forward, approved by the PAHT Board in March 2019, was for a new hospital on a greenfield site. This continues to be worked up in detail as the preferred option as it provides the strongest opportunity and practical choice to build a new purpose-built hospital that can accommodate all that a modern hospital should.

The announcement from the Prime Minister in September 2019 of the funding for a new hospital in Harlow means that the planning for this new hospital and the development of the detailed business cases has proceeded at pace to meet our aim of having built the hospital by 2025. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to build one of the best hospitals in the country.

We will be developing the inside and outside space for use by the whole community and working with our patients, partners, people and the public in the coming months through an extensive engagement programme to understand what they each want and need our amazing new hospital to deliver for them. We know that there will be many challenges to overcome and new infrastructure to be put in place and we welcome comments and suggestions on how we achieve this. We also recognise that we will all need to be agile and flexible in our thinking and vision for how the hospital will provide care and link with primary and community services locally.

We cannot do this alone. We need local residents to be involved and to be part of a network of people who will make our new hospital the best it can be.

This is a very exciting time for PAHT, our patients and our local communities and I look forward to continuing to work together with them to create a brand new hospital and a great place to work for our amazing people.

Best wishes

Lance McCarthy
Chief executive
The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust (PAHT)

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3 Comments for Chief Executive of PAH Lance McCarthy details “amazing journey to transform healthcare”:

2020-06-14 15:35:00

I am sure every patient and staff member shares your board’s vision in wanting to transform healthcare for the local population and the commitment to engage with both as plans progress. It’s such a shame that you are only doing this now when a decision to move from the present site has been made. Despite extensive enquires we have not found anyone from the 350,000 patients served by the hospital or the nearly 3000 staff whose have been consulted about where the new hospital should be located. Yet you suggest in your recent response that extensive engagement has been under taken with both groups. We would have expected to see for instance a patient questionnaire or survey in order to get an opinion from the users of the hospital as to where the new hospital should be located. There are many Pros and Cons for locating a new hospital at either site but the main consideration must surely be how the location will affect the everyday lives of the users of the NHS services and the staff at every level who work at the hospital. It seems this element has been ignored altogether.

Sandra Spurling
2021-08-28 01:54:28

I would like an honest explanation to the inhumane treatment your patients have received today in A&E Minors. 12 hours of dishonesty, excuses and lies is not acceptable. Please contact me for details urgently!!!!!

2021-12-30 18:16:20

I would strongly recommend that NO UNVACCINATED patient attend this hospital if experiencing breathing difficulties. Our mother was admitted with bacterial PNEUMONIA as a secondary infection on Christmas morning. She had previously had Covid, recovered and tested negative TWICE by lateral flow upon recovery, then she developed breathing difficulties on Christmas Eve. An ambulance was called and paramedic reported a diagnosis of "crackly sounding SECONDARY Infection". This was diagnosed and treatment for the condition was started prior to her handover to Emergency hospital staff. Again whilst on The Emergency Respiratory Ward (she wasn't taken to A&E due to the previous Covid infection) she was diagnosed AGAIN with a secondary infection caused by PNEUMONIA! We were told a stronger antibiotic was being prescribed. She was ONLY taken to ICU because she wanted to use the oxygen and it is THIS hospitals policy to only administer oxygen by mask on ICU, or so we were told. At some point her privately prescribed antibiotic medication (which she had only just started) Azithromycin, was removed from her or at least from her reach and her hospital prescription of antibiotics was stopped on ICU as they claimed she had tested positive for Covid, with that test being performed whilst on the Covid ward where risk of contamination was higher! It was confirmed by ICU Consultants that treatment for a VIRUS ONLY was all they were willing to offer and her antibiotic was witheld because we'd dared to ask questions about the drugs they wanted to administer. Our mum was encouraged to be anaesthetised and intubated, which she refused. The next day she was encouraged to constantly wear a CPAP mask, except when eating, which she was enticed into accepting as she was advised, government guidelines suggest that the use of CPAP will increase her chances of survival and that she was gravely ill, she didn't realise how ill she was, according to staff on that ward! The thing with constant CPAP use, is that it gradually develops a dependence upon the oxygen & mask. As she was dependent on oxygen supply, the ward now had complete control over her movements! Because a Legal Notice was served, a few days later Wed 29th Dec (the delay was due to the bank holiday) The patient has been treated like a prisoner with NO updates to her immediate family or Next of kin, even when THEY try to make contact. The calls ALWAYS get cut off unless they come from a NEW mobile phone number & if a family member does succeed in getting through to the ward, they get a voicemail message "This call is being recorded" before the line goes dead! This is not just inhumane BUT a complete breach of an ABSOLUTE Human Right! If the Chief Executive doesn't contact the family and arrange for an independent assessment of our mother, Legal action shall ensue especially if this disgusting and abhorrent behaviour results in the premature death of an otherwise healthy and active woman! This is our personal EXPERIENCE & we would like to thank the only TWO good and caring Dr's who attended our mother, the Jnr Dr on duty Boxing Day evening & the Emergency Dr upon admission who advised us of her diagnosis and prescribed a stronger antibiotice Without Prejudice!

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