Harlow MP Robert Halfon delighted at £1 billion programme to help disadvantaged pupils catch-up in their learning after lockdown.

News / Fri 19th Jun 2020 am30 10:42am

HARLOW MP Robert Halfon has described it as “a great week for children and families, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

He has pointed to the government’s announcement of a £120 million package to provide free school meal vouchers to pupils over the school holidays and now, a brand new £1 billion programme to help disadvantaged pupils catch-up in their learning after lockdown.

Since before Easter, Robert Halfon MP has been campaigning for a “catch-up premium” for left-behind pupils, alongside organisations including the Centre for Social Justice and tutoring charities. In his Education Select Committee, he has championed the case for extra support for vulnerable children in his questioning of Government Ministers and the Education Secretary, as well as leading a virtual roundtable on catch-up provision. The Harlow MP has worked hard behind the scenes on proposals, culminating in a letter to the Prime Minister sent just days before today’s announcement, pressing the need for a package of funding for schools to cover catch-up tuition and pastoral care.

The package announced today will provide an extra £1 billion for schools to spend on extra tuition and well-being for children of all ages. £700 million will be spread across early-years, schools and 16-19 providers over the next academic year to help lift education outcomes. A £300 million tutoring scheme specifically for the most disadvantaged children in England will help tackle the impact of lost teaching time.

Robert Halfon MP said: “I am thrilled with today’s news of an extra £1 billion for our schools to help children catch-up in their learning. We know that some 2.3 million children have not been learning under lockdown for one reason or another. For many months now, I’ve been working with brilliant organisations like the Centre for Social Justice, tutoring charities and education experts to campaign for a fully-funded national catch-up programme of tutoring and pastoral care for disadvantaged pupils at risk of being left-behind during lockdown.

“Today, the Government has delivered exactly this, announcing an incredible £1 billion package for catch-up tuition and support. Schools will have the autonomy to direct the resources to the needs of their pupils, with tuition, mentoring and well-being. A huge thanks to the Prime Minister and the Education Secretary.”

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3 Comments for Harlow MP Robert Halfon delighted at £1 billion programme to help disadvantaged pupils catch-up in their learning after lockdown.:

2020-06-19 13:27:16

Debt is over 100% of GDP and this MP wants to spend more. It might be for a "good" cause they always claim it is. The reality is clear schools were never legally closed, the governments response to the lockdown legal case makes this clear. What did happen is the government lied about schools being closed, it was just a recommendation. Years gone by the press would have held the government to account but no longer. It is time to take the government to court and put these MP's on trial for malfeasance in a public office

2020-06-19 14:24:11

£1bn to help disadvantaged children? Good value for money and a good cause. From January this year: https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/how-much-has-brexit-cost-the-uk_uk_5e303703c5b6ce51a4ebc7d8 The cost of preparing: £6.3bn. The cost to the economy so far: £130bn The cost still to come: £70bn £1bn to help disadvantaged children? Small change compared to other costs to the economy. On the subject of wasting money, good news! Deputy Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s plan to repaint the prime minister’s VIP RAF plane red, white and blue risks turning the aircraft into a “brightly coloured lollipop” when it is used for the military purposes for which it was originally made, a former pilot has warned. £900K for a lollipop with wings. I can't wait.

2020-06-19 14:36:05

The government actions are what disadvantaged them in this case. The MP's should pay from their personal wealth All government spending is wrong as it is all funded by theft also know as taxation

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