Chaos continues down at the Harlow Tip

News / Wed 24th Jun 2020 at 08:10am

TRAFFIC jams continue to dog the smooth running of the recycling centre in Harlow.

Since resuming, the tip, off River Way in Harlow, has had to run under strict social distancing rules.

But residents appear to only find out if it is open or closed by driving down there.

Residents with packed and pungent materials in their vehicle have driven across town to be met with the information that it is closed.

Those who are persistent enough to break the staff down there under questioning, may then find out it is closed for an hour. Some residents have returned to find out it is closed again!

YH went down on Tuesday morning to find the queues of traffic blocking the road and nearby roundabout.

Once you get into the tip, it is running very efficiently with all social distancing rules being adhered to.

The site is run by Essex County Council but don’t go looking on their website as it directs you to Harlow Council’s website.

There is a website called Love Essex but information is basic as well.

This contrasts with the Hertfordshire County Council website which is very informative and also has a webcam which allows you to see how busy your local site is.

YH contacted Essex County Council but they have yet to respond.

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3 Comments for Chaos continues down at the Harlow Tip:

tony edwards
2020-06-24 11:37:51

YH and residents might want to contact the four Conservative Essex County Councillors for Harlow So far they have been remarkably quiet on this issue. It would be good to know what if anything they are doing about it. Here is the link for Love Essex but as YH says the information is pretty basic. https://www.loveessex.org/find-your-nearest-recycling-centre/harlow-recycling-centre/ You can find the Essex County Councillors for Harlow on the following link https://cmis.essex.gov.uk/essexcmis5/Councillors/tabid/62/ScreenMode/Ward/Default.aspx#MemberSectionHarlowNorth The Essex Labour Group on Essex County Council had recognised before the reopening of the re-cycling centres that things were likely to be problematic and had called for the introduction of a booking scheme, as instigated successfully in other Counties . Unfortunately the Essex Conservative administration chose to ignore this request.

2020-06-24 13:33:42

I have taken this up with ECC and will post the response later.

2020-06-26 12:26:54

I (on behalf of all four Harlow county councillors) have raised our concerns about the Harlow Tip directly with the cabinet member and will work with the waste team at ECC to solve the issues. The need to maintain social distancing for both residents and staff has meant that since it was re-opened earlier this month the throughput has been reduced. This coupled with huge demand caused by the long lock down has meant inevitable long delays and long queues which, in turn, has affected other tenants of the industrial estate. There have also been reports of residents finding the tip closed on occasions. This is due to bin exchanges when the public have to be excluded for health and safety reasons. The massive volumes of waste being received means bins are being filled far quicker and need to be exchanged more regularly. In the meantime, we have asked for more staff to be on hand to advise residents as they arrive about these temporary closures.

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