“Decent Homes for All” Demo in Harlow Town Centre planned for Friday

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“DECENT Homes for All” will be the central demand of a socially-distanced rally that will take place on Friday (10th July) in Harlow Town Centre. The speakers will be Laura McAlpine, former Labour Parliamentary candidate for Harlow, and Mick Patrick, Chair of Harlow Defend Council Housing and Secretary of Harlow Trades Union Council. The rally will also call for a rent freeze for all those struggling financially because of the Coronavirus pandemic, the cancellation of all pandemic related rent arrears, and a ban on evictions arising from such arrears.

Friday’s protest has been called by Harlow Coronavirus People Before Profit Action Group.

“We have all found the lockdown difficult” said John Wake, speaking on behalf of the Action Group, “but families living in tiny overcrowded flats in converted office blocks such as Terminus House have found it more difficult than most. We want to see an end to the creation of such abominations. Seventy-odd years ago, a Britain recovering from a devastating war could build massive numbers of good standard council houses. The economy in 2020 produces far greater wealth per head of the population then it did in 1945, yet the standard of some new housing is worse than that of 1920.”

“We are determined to fight to ensure that this crisis will not lead to an increase in homelessness in this country,” he added. “We hope that the new-found sense of community generated by the pandemic will be mobilised to ensure an end to the housing crisis, so that there will be decent homes available to all who need them.”

The rally begins at 6:45 PM in East Walk (near Harlow Bus Station) on Friday 10th July. ■

See the video Let’s Talk About Housing at:

Information on the Harlow Coronavirus People Before Profit Action Group can be found at:

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2 Comments for “Decent Homes for All” Demo in Harlow Town Centre planned for Friday:

2020-07-10 08:57:39

Bearing in mind that all councils will soon have Local Plans in place which set out where and what type of homes will be built in their areas over the next 10 years, can Laura tell us: 1) Just how she would change things to enable hundreds of thousands of council homes to be built. 2) Why did our Labour controlled council sign an agreement with neighbouring councils to build thousands of homes around Harlow's borders that will see not a single council owned home built. 3) Why she thinks that the building of 'affordable homes' (which we all know are not really affordable) will help any of those on the councils housing register. 4) Why the Labour controlled council keeps agreeing planning applications which fall far below the council's own target of 30% affordable housing. 5) Why it took our Labour controlled council 5 years to get an Article 4 Direction, which would have at least given the council the opportunity to stop some office conversions.

2020-07-12 09:21:31

No answers Laura? I am afraid that unless you stop keeping telling people what the problems are (which we all know is a shortage of decent council owned homes) but tell us HOW you and the Labour Party would enable such homes to be built, your Party will remain in opposition for decades to come. Local Labour signed deals which are all about housing greed not housing need.

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