More parking woes for residents on Maddox Road

News / Tue 25th Aug 2020 at 09:57am

ANYONE who has attempted to drive down Maddox Road in Harlow knows it is usually packed with cars on both sides.

Maddox Road runs from Long Ley to First Avenue.

This has been a road that buses, fire engines and bin lorries have found close to impossible to drive down

Now plans are afoot to make changes. Information has been appearing on lamp-posts informing people of the changes.

The changes would see single yellow lines on one side of the road, restricting parking between 7am and 7pm.

Road users would be allowed to park there between 7pm and 7am.

We have already been contacted by residents who are unhappy and we are aware that local councillors are looking into it.

Many agree that there is a problem but want to know what plans there are to help local residents who have cars.

Netteswell councillor, Mike Danvers has told YH that there are plans in the pipeline to have off street parking examples of which can be seen on Tendring Road.

He has also said “Everything is at the consultative stage at the month and we will be speaking to local residents.”

Full details of the plans for Maddox Road can be found here.


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1 Comment for More parking woes for residents on Maddox Road:

2020-08-25 19:43:21

As highlighted in my complaint to the parking partnership none of the details on the lampposts are correct. As for the Councillor making statements get the off street parking in place 1st rather than cause all the residents especially the elderly ones stress and anxiety over where they can park cars. If this is successful provide pics of tendering rd or do u expect the residents to descend to that area to look? Yes its difficult at times for buses, binmen etc but its the same all over Harlow too many houses into bedits, cars per household, new builds etc yet no investment in infrastructure

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