Harlow cycleway repairs to be speeded up pledge Essex County Council

News / Tue 1st Sep 2020 at 04:11pm

MORE investment is being made by Essex Highways to repair Harlow cycleways with town county councillors now able to pinpoint places where they feel cycleway defects need to be priority repaired.

Cllr Lesley Wagland, Essex County Council Deputy Cabinet Member for Infrastructure, said: “Cycle paths in Harlow will get significant repairs in the very near future.”

Cllr Wagland added: “We are increasing our investment and repair work on Harlow’s cycle routes in two ways.

“Firstly, we are identifying extra resources from county-wide programmes to increase cycleway maintenance.

“Secondly, I am letting County Councillors representing Harlow know that they can nominate cycleway repairs as part of our recently announced extra investment in local priority potholes to be fixed. All residents and councillors in Harlow are now invited to let their County Councillor know where they think cycle paths need priority repairs so that the work can be done as quickly as possible.”

County Councillors representing Harlow can now put forward specific defects on cycleways (or worn sections) to get a repair crew to fix these quickly in addition to normal safety-priority work.

Councillor Michael Hardware, Essex County Councillor for Harlow West, said: “I’m confident now, after meetings with councillors and officers regarding Harlow’s superb cycle network, that we have an effective way forward to quickly improve the safety and quality of all cycleways in the town.

“This will include those owned by each council – a huge incentive to get more people locally out on their bikes for their health and for other long-term benefits to the town.

“I pay tribute to the local cycling campaign and others who have helped us to develop our plans for improvement. I’ve certainly lost a few pounds riding just about every route here with colleagues to see the situation for myself, and I look forward to further extensions to this almost unique facility in our town.”

Harlow’s proposed East-West cycle route from Hamstel Road is planned to be built with part of the County Council’s cycling capital budget.

Safety-critical repairs should still be reported to Essex Highways and these will continue to be inspected, with appropriate action taken.

As Government and councils work to get more people walking and cycling with better facilities, cycleway works across Essex are being prioritised.

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1 Comment for Harlow cycleway repairs to be speeded up pledge Essex County Council:

Steve Shrupnell
2020-09-02 05:58:51

It's not the cycle paths that are the problem. The walking paths adjacent to the cycle paths have crumbled into non existence in places and are extremely dangerous. Walkers and their dogs and kids often use the cycle path as the walking path they should be using is simply not safe, Potter Street and the stretch past Latton Farm are particularly bad spots.

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