Harlow man Ashley wins a dream car Lamborghini

Entertainment / Thu 3rd Sep 2020 pm30 01:50pm

A HARLOW man has won his dream car in an on-line competition.

Ashley Ireland won a Lamborghini in a competition organised by Nitrous MX and Car Competitions.

It looks like the competition was as simple as picking a number and then wishing your dream comes true.

For Ashley, it looks like it did.

As you can see from the film below, Ashey looked absolutely shocked as he travelled, with members of his family, to pick the car up.

Ashley indicated that he will be making a donation to a charity, Make Wishes4Kids.

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3 Comments for Harlow man Ashley wins a dream car Lamborghini:

Veronica Johansson
2020-09-03 14:48:34

Congratulations do not waste your 7k on speeding fines !!!!

Alan Byron
2020-09-03 19:29:04

Seems like a miracle. But wait! How much would it cost to insure it? A staggering fortune I would be be bound. As for a 'babe catcher,' is he married? If so not much of a family car.If not married the sort of car where tearaways end up wrapping the car the around a tree and making the last wagon home in the sky. No the most practical, if not boring, thing to do would be to sell it before the pant dries. The 100 grand grand far more use.

Maria Davila
2020-10-04 03:07:28

Thank you for this post.

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