Government use powers to build Brexit lorry parks

News / Fri 4th Sep 2020 at 06:35am

WITH Britain less than four months away from its final split with the European Union, U.K. Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick gave himself sweeping powers to build truck parks across large parts of England to avoid chaotic queues at ports.

The government will be able to start construction in 29 different council areas without the approval of local officials, according to a statutory instrument laid before Parliament on Thursday. The areas included Essex and so technically could be in or near Harlow.

The government has already started constructing holding facilities for lorries in Kent, which will be used to park goods vehicles which don’t have the correct paperwork to enter the EU. The holding pens are a key part of Britain’s plans to avoid border delays from Jan. 1, when full customs controls will be imposed on goods traveling from the U.K. whether or not it reaches a trade deal with the bloc.

“This Order grants temporary planning permission for development consisting of the use of land for the stationing and processing of vehicles (particularly goods vehicles) entering or leaving Great Britain,” according to an explanatory note accompanying the instrument.

In 2019, there were plans mooted regarding a lorry facility at North Weald airfield.

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1 Comment for Government use powers to build Brexit lorry parks:

2020-09-04 19:22:54

Why do these lorry parks need to be built? Alex prommised that he had an "oven ready Brexit Deal" (still waiting for it) so surely these lorry parks are not necessary? It was clearly stated that the deal would be the "easiest in human history" by Liam Fox in 2017 (still waiting for it), so why does it need so much green belt/farm land to be concreted over and converted into a diesel fume wasteland? I don't remember "valuable land converted to lorry park" being written on the side of a bus. I don't remember being told that people would have to suffer giving up their sovereignty over thir land to appease a minority being vomited by the right wing press. I guess we just have to hope that a homophobic misogynist foreigner, who has no concern for workers’ rights, and no compunction about killing off industry, has our best interests when screwing up any hope of future trade deals.

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