Harlow fly-tip continues to get worse

News / Fri 4th Sep 2020 at 09:26am

A HARLOW fly tip has continued to get worse whilst a number of agencies claim it is not their responsibility.

The eye-sore is on Parkway off Roydon Road in The Pinnacles, Harlow.

The tip consists of a large skip full of tyres as well as a large amount of fly-tipping. Dead animals can be seen among the debris.

Harlow Council, Essex County Council and the Greenways Business Park have indicated that it is not their responsibility.

YH went up there three weeks ago and again at the weekend. It is getting bigger and bigger.

As we write, a conversation took place between Essex County Council, Harlow Council and a local resident regarding the eyesore. We will keep you posted.

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5 Comments for Harlow fly-tip continues to get worse:

2020-09-05 09:15:13

it is very easy to find those responsible just go through the bags, you will find mails names and adreses of those who payed for there rubish clearance give them people a call and ask them which company they payed to take their rubish and you'll get a name and make them pay buy probably shutting their company down in Italy the cancle all the time catches the fly tippers by doing this same thing i just said above .

Estelle Tyler
2020-09-05 12:32:25

How about putting a covert camera there to catch future tippers at least

Geoff Longster
2020-09-05 13:32:15

It's still there and growing today. Passed it on our weekly Hub & Spoke Harlow bike ride. A real blight on the area.

B. Downey
2020-09-06 15:15:40

Same type of skip that was dumped at Brenthall towers which took the council 5 months to remove!

Dagenham Dave
2020-09-08 13:17:18

Funny how local bureaucrats spend untold taxpayers time deliberating on simple issues of providing a service to their citizens. Even more amazing is how little debate is required to increase their salaries or allowances!

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