MP Robert Halfon slams Harlow Council over unauthorised encampment in Harlow

Robert Halfon MP statement on unauthorised encampment in Harlow

“MANY residents will have woken up to see that an unauthorised encampment has moved into our town. This is deeply worrying for our community – given the major problems we have faced in ending those encampments in the past. 

“This has only been possible because Harlow’s Labour Council made the decision not to try and renew the injunction. They have now given the green light for unauthorised groups to trespass our town, once again.

“Following the Council’s decision not to renew the injunction, I met with the Police and Crime Commissioner, raised this with Ministers and wrote to the Home Secretary about my concerns. The Police and Crime Commissioner explained that Essex Police have new protocols to deal with unauthorised encampments. I will be speaking to the authorities to ask what action is being taken.

“Our town is emerging from the biggest crisis we have faced in decades. Residents should not be asked to spend their hard-earned money – as happened last time – cleaning up the waste left by these unauthorised encampments, or fighting the anti-social behaviour. There must be zero tolerance without equivocation towards illegal encampments.

“Whilst there are significant powers available to the authorities to deal with unauthorised and illegal encampments, as MP, I will be asking the Government to strengthen these still further. 

“The powers are coupled with the 135 new police officers in Essex this year and the extra £23 million for Essex Police announced in January to crack down on anti-social behaviour and make our streets safer. 

“I will do everything I can to do what’s right for our town, now it’s the turn of Harlow’s Labour Council.” 


Mr William J Pryor
Get them out NOW.

David Hughes

I agree with our M P .way should the tax payer have pay to clear up there mess .Typical Labour council wasting our money

Harlow Council it’s about time that they did anything

Stan Anders

Well said Robert


Well done Mr. Halfon. I dont like the way some travellers treat the environment. Especially their total disregard for animal welfare. Dogs and horses are especially suffering at the hands of these people. The RSPCA inspectors try their best but cant get on top of the problem. Only central government laws can stop the cruelty. Let’s work together to stop their barbaric treatment of these animals.

Raymond Dove

Only a few days ago RH accused Harlow Labour of “playing politics” and here he is doing it himself.

This illegal encampment was not “only been possible because Harlow’s Labour Council made the decision not to try and renew the injunction”. It is still an illegal encampment without the injunction. The only people responsible are the people who chose to create this illegal encampment.
Previously it may have been difficult to justify renewing the injunction. That renewal will be much easier to justify now.

Lets hope RH’s dilligence on the law continues at all levels.


Well let’s hope our local MP has serious words with the leader of Harlow council about why the injunction was not continued in harlow we knew full well what would happen as soon as the injunction was lifted once again the hard working tax payers will end up paying for the clean ups around the town there will be yet another rise in council tax come April in the meantime there will be yet another 150 illegal encampments around the town then harlow council may consider getting another high court order starting the proceedings all over again costing tax payers in the district it would have been a less costly leaving the high court order in place I would be interested to see what the costs were previously on clean ups plus court costs and legal fees to go to the high court on the last illegal encampments I doubt harlow council will publish these for the residents of harlow to see.

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