Harlow councillors clash over community cash

News / Sun 20th Sep 2020 at 08:16am

HARLOW LABOUR and Conservative councillors clashed over an apparent lack of information over money for the community.

Labour councillor Frances Mason questioned the deputy leader of the Harlow Conservatives, cllr Joel Charles over what happened to the £40,000 on offer from Essex County Council to Harlow community groups.

Cllr Mason felt there was a lack of information. Cllr Charles disagreed and told the virtual chamber that money had been allocated from Essex County Councillor Mike Garnett to YCT Harlow, Harlow Women’s Institute and Mark Hall Community Association.

On each occasion, Cllr Charles said: “Do you disagree with this, cllr Mason?”

Cllr Mason replied that she had no objections to the expenditure it was just that “she hadn’t seen it”.

Matters became even more heated as Cllr Charles mouthed “You were”.

Cllr Mason replied” I object to you misrepresenting me and I object to your body language….I find it completely insulting”.

Cllr Mike Danvers (Lab) ended the debate by adding that “It would have been nice to have found out more about this money and community groups would have liked to have had an opportunity to bid for it.”

It is still unclear what has happened to the £30,000 that the other three Essex County Councillors who represent Harlow have been given.

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