Epping Forest District Council confirms plans to build on Green Belt near Harlow.

News / Thu 1st Oct 2020 at 07:01am

Epping Forest District Council confirms plans to build on Green Belt land around Harlow.

By Nicholas Taylor

Leader of Harlow Alliance Party

ON 19 September I wrote about Harlow Council’s response to the Planning Inspectors letter which followed a publication of a report from The Office of National Statistics predicting that the number of new households which would be created in the future was over 50% less than previously thought and therefore far fewer homes need to be built in the next decade.

The Council responded by saying they still wanted to go ahead with the massive building programme as part of the Plan of the Harlow and Gilston Garden Town.

It has now come to light that Epping Forest DC (EFDC) wrote to the Planning Inspector on 4 September but their letter was only published by them on 25 September. 

Perhaps unsurprisingly, EFDC have said they wish to go ahead with their Plan, which will see thousands of homes built on the Green Belt just over Harlow’s borders to the East, South and West of Harlow.

The Harlow Alliance Party is the only Party which objected to these Plans in the past and continue to do so. Our formal response can be found on our website at :  www.harlowallianceparty.org

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2 Comments for Epping Forest District Council confirms plans to build on Green Belt near Harlow.:

Dagenham Dave
2020-10-02 14:46:01

Harlow Labour councillors like to let private property developers get away with not providing affordable housing, such as happened recently at The Stow.

2020-10-02 20:37:51

I was born in Harlow and grew up in Epping.The last time I was there was to attend my father's funeral which was in 1995.I was horrified at how much had been done to Epping even then. Now hearing that the council want to build on green belt land is a disgrace.We are trying to protect the country side,help to stop global warming and climate change and the powers that be want to ply the land with more buildings to suffocate the land and take it away from the wildlife.Please leave the green belt alone and stop ruining the beautiful land areas in Essex.

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