Harlow Labour’s Momentum councillors stay silent over antisemitism report (but Laura McAlpine is defiant!)

THE Labour Party candidate at last year’s general election has slammed the decision to suspend former leader Jeremy Corbyn from the party.

Since losing to Robert Halfon back in December, Ms McAlpine has continued to take an active interest in politics. Recently, she has interviewed Jeremy Corbyn.

We sent Ms McAlpine a number of questions.

They were:

Is there any aspect of the report into antisemitism in the Labour Party 
that you would care to comment on?

Do you associate yourself with Momentum’s statement?

How do you feel about Jeremy Corbyn’s suspension?

Ms McAlpine directed us to a short statement she said on Facebook.

She said: “Jeremy is an anti-racist. He is kind, compassionate and genuinely one of the loveliest guys I have ever met. I feel really really sad.

Ms McAlpine was one of the founding members of Harlow Momentum.

The national group issued the following statement.


Four of Harlow’s Labour councillors are members of Momentum.

Cllr Jodi Dunne (Bush Fair)

Cllr Shannon Jezzard (Netteswell)

Cllr Nancy Watson (Netteswell)

Cllr Lanie Shears (Mark Hall)

We asked them: As declared members of Momentum, do you agree with their comments on the EHCR report?

Would you care to add anything on any of the findings of the EHCR report.

Do you agree unreservedly with the findings of the EHCR report?

Do you also agree with Momentum statement on the suspension of Jeremy Corbyn?

They have not replied.

The findings from the UK’s human rights watchdog say Labour broke the law by failing to stamp out anti-Jewish racism in its ranks when Mr Corbyn was leader.

Mr Corbyn said the scale of Labour anti-Semitism had been “dramatically overstated” by his opponents.

This comment prompted Labour to suspend Mr Corbyn from the party.

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