Letter to Editor: Do we need lessons from Tories on housing in Harlow

Politics / Sat 31st Oct 2020 at 11:37am


IN view of the disastrous Tory housing policies over the last 40 years it is a bit rich of a conservative councillor to ask about council house building.

The only reason for this and other questions now being put by conservative councillors is because since the beginning of 2020 The Harlow Alliance Party have been asking searching questions of the Labour Councillors.

One of our questions related to the loss of the councils stock, which revealed that since 2012 the council have either sold through Right To Buy or other disposals, some 644 homes. 

Cllr Carter is right to ask why the council have not built more homes, when plots such as at Elm Hatch have been empty for about 3 years and plans to redevelop some of the towns other shopping hatches have not been progressed. Buying houses on the open market is not the best use of the council’s £12 million it proposes to spend on such acquisitions. 

The Labour councillors continue to peddle the idea that affordable housing means council housing when in fact in most cases it does not, just 99 out of 348 will be, far short of the 644 lost since 2012.

Nicholas Taylor

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