Former Harlow MP defends Jeremy Corbyn

Politics / Tue 3rd Nov 2020 at 04:41pm

Dear Editor,

I AM appalled at the decision of the Labour Party to suspend its former leader, Jeremy Corbyn. 

I have worked with Jeremy over many years and know him to be completely committed to fighting racism and antisemitism wherever it arises.  He has always opposed the exploitation and persecution of people of all races throughout the world.

He succeeded me in the chair of Liberation (formerly the Movement for Colonial Freedom), originally founded by Fenner Brockway to fight racism and colonial oppression, and over the years we organised meetings and demonstrations, etc., in favour of racial equality and peace.

The Labour Party has always welcomed Jewish members – and some have held key positions in the Party.

It is worth remembering that it was a Labour Government which made racism illegal – in the face of Tory opposition at that time.

Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership inspired many thousands of people to join the Labour Party, making it the biggest socialist party in Europe.

I feel strongly that the Labour Party must reinstate Jeremy and unite in constructive opposition to the failures of Boris Johnson’s Conservative Government at this crucial time.

Stan Newens, former MP for Harlow (and MEP for Central London).

70 years a member of the Labour Party.

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2020-11-03 17:41:47

I wouldn't want him defending me in court, that's for sure

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