Harlow Council leader welcomes news of a vaccine

News / Wed 2nd Dec 2020 at 01:23pm

HARLOW’S Labour Council leader has welcomed the announcement of the first phase of vaccine rollout today.

Councillor Mark Ingall said “Today’s announcement is a historic moment in the county’s battle against Coronavirus.

“After much suffering, great disruption and too many tragic losses, the news that  a successful vaccine could be rolled out as soon as next week is great news and should give residents a huge lift, and great hope for a return to normality in 2021.

It really does feel like we have run a marathon and are now entering the final straight with the finishing line in sight. But now is not the time to give up. Just like the marathon runner in sight of the finish can not afford to stop running, we must keep on observing the Covid restrictions until the second wave is over and the majority of the population has been vaccinated and protected from infection.

“Harlow Council stands ready to lend our resources and facilities to do everything we can to help in the programme of vaccination, just as we have spared no effort to help wherever we can during this pandemic. Delivering a vaccine that needs to be stored at -70 degrees is a serious logistical challenge, but other vaccines that are more easily transported and stored are on the way too.

“However while we wait for our turn to be protected from Covid, we must all continue following the guidelines and restrictions. Harlow’s infection rate is alarmingly high right now and it is only by wearing masks in public, regularly washing our hand and maintaining social distancing can we reduce the spread of this disease”.

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