Labour councillor berates Tory as “offensive and rude” after criticism of delays to Harlow Council’s building plans

Politics / Thu 10th Dec 2020 at 12:22pm

A SENIOR Labour councillor has reacted with anger after a Conservative councillor made a detailed criticism of the “lack of progress” in planned improvements in a large number of areas in Harlow.

Church Langley councillor, Simon Carter made his comments at a virtual meeting of the Harlow Council Cabinet.

He made reference to a number of developments including Stackfield, the old Lister House area, Bushey Croft and others.

Cllr Carter described the plan as “a wish list….as you can’t be bothered to carry them through”.

“Are these schemes managed by professionals? Is the Labour administration on top of this?

“The capital programme is a complete mess”


The Portfolio Holder for Growth and Prosperity, cllr Tony Durcan came firing back.

He said: “This was a pathetic and weak-willed. This just shows what the Tories think about Harlow”

“I think this was unprofessional to be so critical of our officers in public…you have been offensive and rude”

Cllr Durcan then detailed what had been done (or not) at the different developments”

Film of the exchange can be viewed from the 51st minute of the film below.

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1 Comment for Labour councillor berates Tory as “offensive and rude” after criticism of delays to Harlow Council’s building plans:

2020-12-10 15:03:13

Seems to me that Cllr Carter was perfectly reasonable in both the way he put his questions and what they contained. The fact is the Labour group do not like being scrutinised, evidenced by the lack of or evasive responses to the many questions put to them by The Harlow Alliance Party since the beginning of 2020. Cllr Carter could have added to his list the derelict land at Elm Hatch. Residents were consulted about very specific plans the council had for the area as long ago as March 2018 since when there has been little if any progress. The Bushey Croft development is taking place despite the objections of nearly 200 residents, destroying an area originally designated as allotment land. Interesting to hear that at long last Labour have woken up to the fact that there is a desperate need for new bungalows in the town, the explanation for this has been taken directly from The Harlow Alliance Parties election leaflets of 2018.

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