Essex Police fail to attend another report of an unlawful gathering in Harlow

News / Wed 16th Dec 2020 at 12:45pm

ESSEX Police has defended its decision to not attend at a location after receiving a report of an unlawful gathering in Harlow.

An Essex Police spokesperson said:

“We were contacted at just after 1am on Sunday 13 December with concerns around a possible breach of COVID regulations at a premises in Momples Road.

“Unfortunately, as we were dealing with a number of serious incidents (including high risk missing people and various serious offences) we were unable to attend at the time of the call.

However we are looking into the matter and will be visiting the premises in question.

We welcome all calls from the public around possible breaches of COVID regulations and we are determined to do all we can to keep people safe and deal with those clearly and flagrantly breaking the rules.

“We would urge people to contact to get in touch either by calling us on 101 or using our Digital 101 live chat function on our website”.

Back in August, Essex Police apologised to Tumbler Road residents after they failed to attend at an unlawful gathering of over a hundred people at a house party in Nicholls Field.

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1 Comment for Essex Police fail to attend another report of an unlawful gathering in Harlow:

Colleen Morrison
2020-12-16 20:01:26

For Essex Police to fail to attend an unlawful gathering of this size while the pandemic rages is shocking. It is perhaps even more shocking in the light of the 2020 Taxpayers' Alliance 2020 Town Hall Rich List report on Essex County Council (ECC). This states that, in 2019,The local authority with the greatest number of employees whose remuneration was in excess of £100,000 was Essex County Council with 35 employees. The average number of employees who received over £100,000 in total remuneration per local authority is 6.9. And there are numerous further shocks in the detailed breakdown of salaries by job title. Chief Executive's salary: c 195,000 ~ Expenses: £11,000 + ~ pension contribution: £31,000. Six Executive Directors with salaries in excess of £160,000 plus penson contributions well in excess of £20,000. Three Directors have salaries ranging from £123,000 to £165,000 plus pension contributions ranging from £19,000 to £26,000. The job titles of 26 staff paid in excess of £100,000 are 'Undisclosed' - salaries of these undisclosed range from £107,000 to £142,000. ECC have money to burn, it seems, but not to spend on increasing the number of Essex police officers.

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