Covid-19: No deaths registered for last three days at PAH in Harlow

Health / Mon 28th Dec 2020 at 03:08pm

THE NUMBER of deaths at Princess Alexandra Hospital (PAH) in Harlow remains at 287.

No deaths have been registered for Dec 25th, 26th or 27th.

That may change.

That is the first time there has been a three day gap since November 4th, 5th and 6th.

That brings a total of 52 deaths for December. The highest monthly toll since April.

We also understand that there has been 20,546 patients tested and 969 are positive.

There are now five Covid wards at the hospital: Charnley, Penn, Henry Moore, Harold and John Snow.

PAH has not directly released information regarding the number of patients who have recovered.

Nor have full details of deaths in care homes and in the community been revealed.

For your guidance, we have been told in the past that Harlow residents make up just over 40% of the client base of Princess Alexandra Hospital.

Our thoughts are with the families of those who have died.

YH has a dedicated Covid-19 channel with over 800 news items.


Monthly figures to date

March: 35 deaths
April: 151 deaths
May: 15 deaths
June: 0 deaths
July: 0 deaths

August: 0 deaths

September: 2 deaths

October: 3 deaths

November: 29 deaths

December: 52 deaths

December deaths

December 27th: 0 deaths

December 26th: 0 deaths

December 25th: 0 deaths

December 24th: 4 deaths

December 23rd: 4 deaths

December 22nd: 5 deaths

December 21st: 3 deaths

December 20th: 3 deaths

December 19th: 2 deaths

December 18th: 3 deaths

December 17th: 2 deaths

December 16th: 2 deaths

December 15th: 0 deaths

December 14th: 1 death

December 13th: 0 deaths

December 12th: 0 deaths

December 11th: 2 deaths

December 10th: 3 deaths

December 9th: 2 deaths

December 8th: 0 deaths

December 7th: 1 deaths

December 6th: 3 deaths

December 5th: 1 death

December 4th: 0 deaths:

December 3rd: 2 deaths

December 2nd: 3 deaths

December 1st: 6 deaths

November deaths

November 30th: 5 deaths

November 29th: 1 death

November 28th: 2 deaths

November 27th: 1 death

November 26th: 0 deaths

November 25th: 3 deaths

November 24th: 0 deaths

November 23rd: 0 deaths

November 22nd: 1 death

November 21st: 0 deaths

November 20th: 1 death

November 19th: 0 deaths

November 18th: 2 deaths

November 17th: 0 deaths

November 16th: 2 deaths

November 15th: 0 deaths

November 14th : 1 death

November 13th: 1 deaths

November 12th: 3 deaths

November 11th: 1 death

November 10th: 2 deaths

November 9th: 0 deaths

November 8th: 1 death

November 7th: 1 death

November 6th: 0 deaths

November 5th: 0 deaths

November 4th: 0 deaths

November 3rd: 1 death

November 2nd: 0 deaths

November 1st: 0 deaths

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