Harlow Council leader responds to “major incident” for NHS in Harlow

News / Wed 30th Dec 2020 at 08:19am

THE LEADER of Harlow Council has responded to news that the NHS in Harlow and the rest of Essex has been described as a “major incident” due to Covid-19 related pressures.

Councillor Mark Ingall said, “It is a tragedy that our hospitals are reaching a point of such crisis that they may have to close their doors to both new Covid patients and other non-Covid admissions while Nightingale hospitals stand empty due to a lack of staff.

The Health Secretary said last week that the spread of the new variant was “out of control”.

These figures suggest he was right, but not enough has been done quickly enough to bring things back under control.

Doubtless the government will eventually get around to looking again at lockdown restrictions and think again about opening schools to all primary pupils and Year 11 and 13 in secondaries next week, but in the meantime I would ask residents of Harlow to keep themselves safe by going further than the government has so far suggested, isolating themselves in their family groups whenever possible, wearing masks whenever they are out in public and rigorously washing hands and maintaining Covid security. ”

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2 Comments for Harlow Council leader responds to “major incident” for NHS in Harlow:

Nicholas Gunning
2020-12-30 13:00:43

The government have spent 10 years privatising the NHS and making the present service unworkable especially in winter crisis season, such that those who have money will go ornate and softened up for full sell off. They have shed 20-40,000 nurses and at least 10,000 doctors. Covid has shown the result before they were ready. You can guarantee the 'new' hospital, to be built in an area where the risk of staff getting lung diseases is increased, will be made of neatly packaged clinics, ask ready for the big sell-off. We'r may well be looking back to even this overcrowded PAH site as a golden age! But we'll have a nice office and jockey flat development in all the main bus routes. Perhaps they'll call it Alexandra Park...

Dan Long
2020-12-30 20:16:11

Forget the covid 19 outbreak, it is thanks to your party, going back to Tony Blair's open door policy, that our NHS has been under a lot of stress and pressure since 2009. It is called the NHS, not the EHS or the IHS Bring on Friday. It will be Bye,Bye to the corrupt EU., at last.

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