Letter to Editor: Conservative councillor thanks all at front line during Covid battle

Health / Wed 6th Jan 2021 am31 11:24am

Dear Sir,

In her letter published today Cllr Harvey was sure that others would like to join her in thanking those that worked over the festive period.

Yes I would like too add my thanks but rather than the half hearted (6 line, 3 sentence) missive sent down from the administrations ivory tower I would like to record mine and the towns thanks to all that worked over the festive period

The First Responders who keep us safe. Fire, ambulance and police, these are the selfless people who always run towards danger and place themselves at risk, especially during this pandemic when they have extra worries on top of everything else.

All NHS staff from medical and care workers to administrative because without them doing their job and many taking risks everyday our NHS wouldn’t be in the safe hands that it is.

Shop workers especially those in our supermarkets who daily place themselves at risk ensuring that food and necessities are on the shelves. Despite them having to daily face abuse and threats from those that think they are better or that they don’t have to mask up because there is no risk.

Well to those I say you are foolish and wrong. It’s not just our wonderful shop workers because we must thank the support chain behind them ensuring that the products get to the shops and for that matter the manufacturers making the products as well.

Cllr Harvey mentioned headteachers but it is also teachers, teaching assistants and all the other staff working to keep each school community working properly that should be thanked as well.

It would be remiss of me not to mention our own officers at Harlow Council, many of whom have worked or been on call all over the holiday periods, and of course the staff at HTS who have continued to provide emergency cover and support.

Finally thank you to our wonderful bin men and street cleaners who have been working so hard to keep the town looking good.

I am sure that I have missed some out and for that I apologise.

Kind regards

Councillor Nick Churchill

Shadow Spokesman for Governance

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