Covid-19: Slight increase in cases in Harlow (but Old Harlow and Newhall drops for fourth day in a row).

THE NUMBER of Covid cases has risen but only slightly.

There were 1,173 registered for January 8th and published today.

That is an increase of 23.

The breakdown figures for Harlow show a total of 1150.

Saturday: 1327

Sunday: 1266

Monday: 1193

Tuesday: 1150

Wednesday: 1173

Seven “wards” saw an increase whilst four decreased including Old Harlow and Newhall (again).

Old Harlow and Newhall was going up and down and may be a barometer for infection rates. It has now declined for the fifth day in a row.

But as we say, we have to be wary.

Old Harlow and Newhall

Jan 1st: 160

Jan 2nd: 179

Jan 3rd: 162

Jan 4th: 184

Jan 5th: 167

Jan 6th: 154

Jan 7th: 140

Jan 8th: 139

As you may see from our tables below, we also include the council areas bordering Harlow. These include areas such as Sawbridgeworth, Sheering, Hatfield Heath, Roydon etc.

The areas are geographic clusters of 7,500 people. More associated with relationship with surgeries.

Reference: Twitter @RP131

We have a dedicated Covid-19 channel where you can find all our stories relating to the subject. You can also see previous tables in relation to this subject.

January 8th

January 7th

January 6th

January 5th

East Hertfordshire

Epping Forest


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