When will the Conservative Party say what they would do with £76 million?

Politics / Wed 17th Feb 2021 at 09:39am

By The Harlow Alliance Party

When will the Conservative Party say what they would do with £76 million.

SO there is up to £76 million to regenerate the town and Cllr Hardware is claiming this can only be delivered with a Conservative Council.

Whilst it is true to say that Labour have a very poor track record in regenerating the town, such as spending £272,000 on refurbishing Market Square, the recent failed Town Centre bid for £10 million and Prentice Place flats standing empty for over a decade, Cllr Hardware gives no clue about what they would have done differently to Labour in the past and what specific plans they have if they do win control of Harlow Council in May’s elections.

The difficulty both parties face is the simple fact that Harlow Council does not own buildings in the town centre. Planning Permission has already been given for a number of new flat blocks, including at Terminus Street, Market House, the former Gate House site, Kitson Way car park and a large part of one side of Broadwalk.

The hospital site is also earmarked for more homes, making a total of over 2,000 within the town centre area. Whilst this will mean many more shoppers living in the town centre, this is counter balanced by the fact that when the hospital moves from it’s present site, 3,600 staff and hundreds of daily visitors may no longer visit the town centre.

Building hundreds of homes will not in themselves add to the shopping and leisure experience of those visiting the town centre.

To date, only The Harlow Alliance Party have set out how the town centre can once again be seen as the hub of the community and attract visitors from the wider area. When will the Conservatives set out their plans?

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