Letter to Editor: Protecting our green spaces

Politics / Sun 14th Mar 2021 am31 08:08am

AS one of those who spoke on behalf of over 180 residents who objected to the building on the area between Bushey Croft and Rushes Mead I felt I really had to respond to Cllr Ingall’s interview with the editor of yourharlow.

But for the objections put forward by The Harlow Alliance Party to the Planning Inspector of Labour’s Local Plan, seven other green spaces between housing estates similar to the one here would have been built on in the next 10 years. This site was of particular importance, because, unknown to residents, the site was designated for allotment use since the mid 1950’s. Until 2020, contary to what Cllr Ingall said, any solicitor acting for a potential purchaser of a home nearby would have been advised of this status, leading anyone to believe that it would never be built on. The Council and indeed Cllr Ingal failed to advise residents that the Council had to apply to the Secretary of State to get this change of use and the Council then went on to mislead the Secretary when making it’s application.

The Harlow Alliance Party fully support the building of more council homes, but not on greenfield sites. Harlow Council have had plans to develop what are known as brownfield sites for some years such as the redevelopment of Slacksbury Hatch, Fishers Hatch, Pollard Hatch, Sumners Hatch, Yorkes, a garage block in Stackfield, Lister House and at Elm Hatch. All these plans, made public in late 2018 are years behind schedule. 

The Harlow Alliance Party believe that every home the council builds in the next ten years should be a bungalow or sheltered accomodation. The number of older people living in the town is set to increase in the next decade, those occuping homes larger than they no longer wish to remain in should be given the opportunity to downsize, releasing their home for a family needing a larger one.

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