Flag flying for International Transgender Day of Visibility

Crime / Thu 1st Apr 2021 at 06:50am

THE transgender flag is flying outside our Chelmsford Headquarters today (Wednesday 31 March) to mark International Transgender Day of Visibility.

Chief Constable of Essex Police, BJ Harrington, said: “This is a really important day to celebrate our transgender colleagues and the diversity of Essex’s local communities.

“It is also vital to raise the issue of discrimination that members of the transgender community can face.

“In 2018 we had 61 reports of transgender hate crime but I fear the number victims and incidents was much higher.

“I urge victims of these hate crimes to report it to us so we can investigate. Whether you come to us as a victim of crime, an officer, or as a member of our staff, we will support you.

“Our pledge is to keep you safe here in Essex so you can live without the fear of violence or harassment.

PC Sarah Shoebridge-Cave from the Essex Police LGBT Network added: “This is an important day for the transgender community and we’d encourage colleagues from Essex Police to show their support at events across the district. 

“Charities such as Transpire and Outhouse East continue to do great work in raising awareness of the difficulties faced by members of the trans community.

“We will continue to work with them to ensure Essex Police continues to be a safe and inclusive place for transgender victims, officers and staff members.”

You can find a transgender support group near you by visiting www.transunite.co.uk.

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