Letter to Editor: A metro for Harlow is worth looking into

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WHY didn’t successive administrations in Harlow think about transport, (perhaps because it’s controlled by Tory Essex CC) and why have Conservatives Essex wasted nearly a billion pounds on successive developments to the A414 that have failed?

Why wasn’t Doug Patterson’s plan for a ecologically friendly traffic system taken up?

Why have successive administrations of all colours failed to connect Harlow to Epping Central line?

Not a good idea to throw stones if you live in a glass house.

Berating the Labour Party exposes the absolute failure of Tory promises that go back to the day David Cameron promised the greenest government yet, the same day government policies caused the only wind turbine company in the UK on the Isle of Wight to close and the same government that withdrew support to the solar panel industry.

Governments continue to throw huge amounts of money at the nuclear power industry, potentially the most deadly polluting industry on the planet. Remember Chernobyl. Realise that after 70 years of nuclear power we still don’t know how to neutralise deadly toxic wastes and just bury them in the hope that in their 30,000 years of half lives they don’t escape.

A metro that improves connectivity and eliminates the need for car use is worth looking into, if the government or Essex CC isnt bothered then the initiative has to be made by Councils.

After all Conservative Essex have only managed to make the same mistakes time and time again here in Harlow, never learning and are now foisting a plan for roads in the town that will do nothing but propel the town to gridlock, more congestion and pollution.

And this is very much a local issue because how transport and the environment are handled in the town directly affects the quality of life and health of every single person here.

An electric metro is at least worth assessment.

Every party urgently needs to come up with environmentally sustainable plans that will make Harlow an ultra green town of the future.

Only then will they get votes. Throwing mud for short term political gains wrt transport and the environment exposes the fact they are hiding behind a wall of rhetoric and ignorance and that they haven’t a clue about the issues involved.


Edward Vine

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