Letter to Editor: I won’t vote Labour until they re-instate Jeremy Corbyn

Politics / Thu 29th Apr 2021 at 07:08am

Dear Editor

I AM a Labour Party member and I will not be voting for the Labour candidates for District Council, County Council, and Police Commissioner in Harlow on 6 May. None of the candidates in my ward have publicly or privately expressed support for either the restoration of the Whip to Jeremy Corbyn or the re-establishment of democracy and free speech within the Labour Party.

The statement made by Jeremy Corbyn in response to the report on antisemitism in the Labour Party was not antisemitic or Judeophobic. It was fair comment. However, I am not allowed to discuss this matter in meetings of my local Labour Party. I am not allowed to put a Motion of no confidence in the General Secretary to my local Labour Party. I am not even allowed to put a Motion stating that that the membership has the right to discuss possible violations of due process and/or legality by the Labour Party apparatus.

The Labour Party denies its membership the right to legitimate free speech and democratic decision-making. It cannot claim to stand for these principles in the external world when it opposes them internally. I would vote for Labour Party candidates for public office who explicitly defended these principles. None of the candidates in Harlow have done so.

I cannot endorse those who do not defend free speech and democracy in our party, and therefore I will be writing “Re-instate Jeremy Corbyn Now!” on my ballot papers for Police & Fire Commissioner, Essex County Council, and Harlow District Council.

Yours sincerely

John Wake
Member, Harlow Constituency Labour Party

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