Ward by ward: Toddbrook: Is the legacy of Frances set in stone?

General / Tue 4th May 2021 at 06:38pm

THE LAST time there was an election here it was won by Frances Mason. Frances died due to Covid last year.

She is and will be sorely missed.

Therefore, there is a by-election as well as the usual election.

This should be straight forward. Labour won by 350 votes in 2019. Again, there was also a UKIP candidate but now it is two horse race.

The Labour majority has been consistently over 300. In 2016, when Phil Waite last won the seat, they won by 412.

Unless something cataclysmic happens, then this should be two solid seats for Labour.

Herty Adu-Twumwaa will be a breath air for Labour (see our interview below). Yes, she is charismatic and engaging but you get the feeling there is a hard edge below.

Phil Waite is one of Harlow Labour’s most consistent councillors. Very dependable, very calm and consistent.

If he was a cricketer, he wouldn’t score many fours and sixes but rather would build up a big score through ones and twos navigated around the pitch. Just look at his stewardship of the planning committee for details.

In many ways, the Tories have nothing to lose. For the first time they have a very settled side and have candidates who may well been for the long haul.

This is a ward of many contrasts and opportunities. It holds the town centre and all the challenges therein and goes across as far as Barn Mead.

YH Prediction: Lab Hold x 2

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