Harlow Labour councillor won’t retract statement over purchase of laptops

Politics / Wed 26th May 2021 at 08:48am

THE shadow portfolio holder for resources has refused to retract a statement regarding the purchase of laptops at Harlow Council.

Cllr Mike Danvers said: “The new council leader Andrew Johnson seems very confused about his new powers.

“Instead of pulling the plug on unpopular decisions he carries on regardless, yet when it comes to previous decisions taken before the event of his new regime he wants to claim the credit. At the recent meeting of the Council cllr Johnson was claiming credit for council houses to be built under the last Labour administration, new development in the town centre which has already started and planning permission given months ago for  new flats, claims for a new Harlow hospital yet to be built, and if and when it does happen not in Harlow and claims for the arrival of public health England which was first mooted in 2009!

“Yet he seems quite happy to allow the roll out of £26,000 of new computers to councillors when he has the authority to pull the plug on the venture. Councillors had perfectly good ipads and if I had still been in charge I would have challenged the decision by officers.

“However you only need to look at the video footage of the last Council meeting to see how happy our Andy was with his shiny new computer. Almost throughout the meeting you can see him contentedly tapping away on it like a child with a new toy. The new leader of the council, instead of blaming others, needs to admit when he gets it wrong”.

Cllr Johnson’s statement is below.

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