NHS pay: England senior doctors could take industrial action over 1% rise

Politics / Fri 2nd Jul 2021 at 10:08am

SENIOR doctors in England will be consulted on taking industrial action if the government’s 1% pay rise offer is not improved reports the BBC.

The British Medical Association says it will ask members about stopping paid and unpaid overtime if there is not a figure nearer 4%.

The Royal College of Nursing has already said it will consider balloting over industrial action.

It has called for a 12.5% pay rise this year.

Pay review bodies covering most NHS workers have made recommendations which have not yet been published. 

In England, ministers must decide whether in the light of those reports they will increase their proposed 1% offer.

Industrial action by consultants would involve stopping paid and unpaid overtime, which would affect patient clinics and attempts by hospitals to reduce waiting lists, the BMA says.

It argues that senior doctors are exhausted and feel undervalued because of previous below inflation pay rises.

If industrial action is taken it would be the first by consultants since the 1970s apart from a day of action over pensions in 2012. 

The Department of Health said the government was committed to a wage rise for NHS staff, including consultants, when pay increases elsewhere in the public sector had been paused.

The health department recommended the 1% pay award to the independent panel that advises the government on NHS salaries. It would cover nearly all hospital staff, but not GPs and dentists.

Nurses have described the proposed pay rise as “insulting”, with unions threatening strike action and warning that the “pitiful” rise may lead staff to quit their jobs – worsening staffing issues in the health service.

The NHS in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland is run by the devolved administrations.

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3 Comments for NHS pay: England senior doctors could take industrial action over 1% rise:

S Marshall
2021-07-02 10:18:13

Personally i think they have a cheek as they are all guilty of mass neglect & should be sacked for going against their ethics code ! So no to pay rise & yes to pay drop

Jawad Sharief
2021-07-02 18:44:56

I thought this government acts with and demonstrates integrity. no matter what there occupation whether doctors and nurses or porters receptionists they should be paid their fare wage no matter what salary they get you Boris Johnson and savid javid head of health and social care are taking taking and taking inflation is eating away at these hard workers wages house prices are rising food prices are rising clothes prices are rising not just despicable chronisism but huge amounts of ignorance and stupidity and clumsiness and incompetence i learnt long time ago from an example of my parents that if you short change people you short change yourself thank god you survived covid19 boris

Tony Durcan
2021-07-03 07:14:50

The next few weeks are going to be difficult as we await the announcement from the pay review bodies around pay for NHS staff. Nurses have already rejected a 4% pay award in Scotland so the government is aware we’re the current bar is. Whilst the current COVID crisis is being managed we now have hundred of thousand care packages outstanding. The crisis can and some suspect will return. The last thing we need is industrial action in the NHS but it’s “oven ready” if the hardworking dedicated nurses and staff don’t received a significant and historical pay increase. This is about wilful underfunding of pay and condition that goes back years It’s about not only under funding but also under investing and resourcing of staff. I was over in Northern Ireland during the industrial action and I know that if action is taken it will burn into the heart of the NHS. We don’t want this We don’t deserve this. Give the nurses a fair reward Follow the evidence and it will tell you the only creditable answer.

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