The beauty of the River Stort: Enjoy the view while you can…….

Politics / Wed 7th Jul 2021 at 12:57pm

LAST week, we conducted our second interview with Neil Warner-Banks regarding the proposed highway across the River Stort.

We published the interview last week.

We met at Pye Corner and walked across to the river. Whist walking, we filmed a lot of cutaway shots. We used them to compliment the interview and in many ways set the scene.

As we had several minutes of cut aways, we thought we would produce a five minute walk through a beautiful jewel in Harlow and Hertfordshire’s crown.

The music is by our friend Jordan Gray.

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8 Comments for The beauty of the River Stort: Enjoy the view while you can…….:

Jawad Sharief
2021-07-07 16:55:38

Wow that's very inspiring music my compliments to Jordan gray beautiful scenery by your Harlow and Neil Warner banks wow that land really is the crown jewels

sylvia watson
2021-07-07 17:02:22

Beautiful video, we cannot let all this countryside be destroyed! Join Friends of Latton Island Facebook group to see how you can help to save it.

Steve Beaumont
2021-07-07 17:46:36

We thoroughly support your sentiment on the fact that this proposed road will ruin our land, to which the developer has not consulted with or even spoken to the actual owner of the Land. However, We must point out to everyone that where this video was taken was walking on PRIVATE land and not open to the public to walk over. There are two designated public rights of way that are clearly marked. The majority of the video was taken on private land and private pathways not open to the public. We would appreciate your respect of our family's private property

2021-07-07 22:19:03

The Moment by Margaret Atwood The moment when, after many years of hard work and a long voyage you stand in the centre of your room, house, half-acre, square mile, island, country, knowing at last how you got there, and say, I own this, is the same moment when the trees unloose their soft arms from around you, the birds take back their language, the cliffs fissure and collapse, the air moves back from you like a wave and you can't breathe. No, they whisper. You own nothing. You were a visitor, time after time climbing the hill, planting the flag, proclaiming. We never belonged to you. You never found us. It was always the other way round.

2021-07-08 11:19:05

Re private land : re The two farms that cover much of the area, there are a number of public footpaths, some many aren't aware of that give good access and enable people to enjoy the view with minimal affect on disrupting wildlife but do take care. One farm has already been sold to developers for housing that appears to be in addition to the 23000 houses in Gilston estate development plans and the other has for sale notices outside of the Farm House on Redricks Lane. It would be good if Councils could purchase and develop as an ecology studies centre. Other land seems to be owned by absent non uk companies or persons who have it as part of speculative investment portfolios.

2021-07-08 18:50:28

In response to Steve Beaumont, I have walked these paths he mentions on many occasions and he is right that there are designated National walking routes in the area but also there is no notices stating the other ( well walked) paths are not open to the public to enjoy. Private or public this is an area of natural beauty right on the doorstep of Harlow and should be protected for future generations to also enjoy and find peace away from the rat race of town. I hope Mr Beaumont that you and the family will also support the growing resistance to the new road being built.

Yasmin Gregory
2021-07-10 06:09:50

Thank you drawing the general public’s attention to this cause. I do not see this as an invitation to trespass on private land more of reminding ourselves of what we stand to lose from an ecological and environmental perspective. Anyone who drives past Mayfield Farm is confronted by the sight of j7a construction. You have to voice your concerns. Please do not rely on others to do it for you. If we are seriously looking to reduce pollution and encourage people to use their cars less then why is this bridge required? Who is standing to profit and benefit?

Kim oconnor
2021-08-13 11:42:58

No one wants our beautiful river destroyed by a concrete monstrosity. The mobility boats that run across our river, need clean air, our wildlife carnt just be rewild, you can plant new trees, but on the other hand failing to tell people what your doing with our old ones, that have stood proud for hundreds of years. Councils talk about wellbeing, and on the other hand take away the very thing that makes us better. We don't have many places in harlow now where we can just leave the noise and pollution behind and walk through our beautiful nature. Please don't take this away from people. . Where does this end, when every thing is concreted over, I don't want to see that day for my grandchildren and for there children. A step to far .

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