Nishall’s Blog: Who has inspired you to have confidence in yourself?

Your Say / Wed 7th Jul 2021 at 07:36am

Appreciate More! 

FOR this blog, let start with a question to you; who has inspired you to have confidence in yourself? 

It might have been: 

* A coach shouting encouraging words from the sidelines. 

* A teacher who was so impressed with your report that he/she encouraged you to publish it. 

* A friend who often asked to hear you play the piano when they visited. 

* A boss who gave you the freedom to do your job as you thought best and praised you for your contributions. 

* Someone who helped you see your unique gifts. 

Are you thinking of someone? You may even have several people in mind. 

Throughout our lives, there will be many different people who will believe in us and share their confidence in our abilities. As humans, we enjoy hearing words of affirmation and encouragement as this can help us to boost our confidence in ourselves.  

We all know many benefits come from being appreciative and grateful, but sometimes even though it takes so little time to do, it is easier said than done. Finding the good in a situation can seem like looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack.  

However, did you know we can train ourselves to search for, discover, and focus on legitimate reasons to feel appreciation? Here are a few tips that will help: 

1. Practice appreciation by starting with yourself. If you have difficulty openly appreciating others, it’s likely you also find it difficult to appreciate yourself. Take a few moments at the end of the day to ask yourself this simple question: “What can I feel proud of today?” If you are committed to constant self-improvement, you can also ask yourself, “What could I do better tomorrow?” Both questions hold your value. 

2. Understand what you value the most. The more specific you can be about what you value — and the more you notice what’s most meaningful to you — the more positive impact your appreciation will be on someone. 

3. Make it a priority to notice what others are doing right. The more you work at it, the better you’ll get at it, and the more natural it will become for you. For example, start by thinking about what positive qualities, behaviours and contributions you currently take for granted from others.  

If you cultivate the habit of focusing on the positive, your level of appreciation will increase. As you find more and more reasons to appreciate every aspect of your life, you will become a magnet for attracting positive energy. And that positive energy flowing into your life will give you even more cause for appreciation. 

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2021-07-07 09:09:59

Obviously by the lack of feedback you haven't inspired anyone.

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