Leader of Harlow Labour reacts to by-election defeat

Politics / Fri 9th Jul 2021 at 08:14am

THE leader of the Harlow Labour group has reacted to last night’s defeat in the Mark Hall ward by-election.

Councillor Chris Vince said: “I am obviously disappointed that we didn’t win this election, not least because Kay Morrison was such a brilliant candidate and would have made a brilliant councillor.

However, I am very proud of the campaign that she led and the result is a huge step forward for Labour in Harlow, increasing our share of the vote by 10% in just two months! This is in no small part down to the hard work of Kay and other Harlow activists.

“I know we haven’t seen the last of Kay as she is a true community champion

Of course no one wanted this election and I want to pay tribute to Danny Purton, whose tragic death, caused it.

“Danny was a powerhouse of a politician who cared passionately about our town and is greatly missed”.

The result is below.


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10 Comments for Leader of Harlow Labour reacts to by-election defeat:

2021-07-09 08:43:24

The figures are clear, the only major issue new in this is the SOS campaign to Save our Stort to stop the building of a bridge crossing and main Sewer through the Stort Valley. The campaign has produced a 16.96% swing AWAY from the Conservatives. The figures speak for themselves: Labour UP by 9.7% Green UP by 7.26 % Cons DOWN by 14.7 % Lib Dem Down by 2.4% Swing AWAY from Conservative circa 16 % Candidates against Stort Valley Bridge 48.8% of vote Candidates FOR Stort Valley 46.4% of vote Candidates no clear position 2.45% of votes

Paul Henderson
2021-07-09 09:28:52

The Stort project has been on the table for years and was endorsed by Labour. The result was decent for Labour compared with May, but this was a traditional Labour ward and Labour threw everything they had at it, but still failed to win. The Conservatives have only been on power for 2 months. If they start to deliver on their ambitious programme, Labour will have a mountain to climb. It is down to the Tories now.

2021-07-09 10:27:39

Paul Henderson, I didn't know Labour endorsed the Stort project - could you provide evidence? I think at least with the Tories we know what we are getting- lies, broken promises, cronyism and abuse of power. Let's see what they actually deliver. I am a lifelong Conservative voter BTW and a Conservative but that party is dead - its now the BNP.

Paul Henderson
2021-07-09 11:00:45

Simon, please visit the Harlow Gilston Garden Town website. This project has been going since 2017 and has involved 5 local authorities: Essex, Hertfordshire, East Herts, Harlow and Epping Forest. This was endorsed by the previous Labour administration. Their protestations during the by-election are hypocritical to say the least.

2021-07-09 11:06:33

Paul is right saying the Stort project / link road was tabled some years ago as part of the public Essex CC presentations held in Harlow when J7a was proposed and discussed. This was the time to object to the project. I was part of a group against the proposals, preferring instead a more northern bypass. It would have reduced or eliminated the need for the work carried out on Edinburgh Way, Gilden Way etc. At the time we tried to get cross party support for the fight but only the Old Harlow local councillors actively supported us. I am sure minutes of these public meetings will be held in Essex CC archives if needed. Personally I do not want the Stort crossing, but without it North Harlow will become even more congested. Unfortunately I cannot imagine there is any chance of getting a northern bypass built in the near future.

John Wake
2021-07-09 14:37:29

“They covered the countryside in concrete and called it a garden” ought to be the slogan of the project to construct Harlow North, which has adopted the euphemistic title “Harlow & Gilston Garden Town”. The New Town of Harlow would not have come into existence had the post-war authorities not respected the Green Belt. The dwellings and workplaces that became a distinct town separate from the metropolitan conurbation would have been merely a faceless sprawl on the edge of greater London. Green belts were designated to prevent urban sprawl. Failure to respect Green Belts leads to abominations such as the proposed new Stort crossing. The banks of the Stort and the land to the north of Harlow are an important recreational resource for those who live in Harlow. They must be preserved.

2021-07-09 15:52:11

Paul Yes as you point out the all conservative County Councils Essex, Herts, East Herts, Epping totally got it wrong. Harlow was duped . Link roads from.J7a) will not help, Gilden Way will be a slow moving parking lot with 77 % increase in traffic plus that from new homes. The Crossing Bridge was not specified until recently for planning and prior to that the idea was a road through Sawbridgeworth, rejected. There are much greener and lower cost options like upgrading Redricks Lane and a 400 yaed stretch of the A1184 and using the railway to move construction materials. However you vote is really irrelevant: the monstrosity through the Valley of the bridge crossing and the main sewer down the Valley to Rye Meads, if allowed to happen, will scar and permanently damage the landscape, the flood plain and the natural nature reserve and ecology there from Roydon to Harlow Mill. Most of the ecological and environmental impacts studies have yet to be completed but experts have already identified the scale of the disaster. The true metal of any party will be seen by how they respond to new evidence and the Climate Change Committee report June 2021.. Red, blue or green your children won't thank you for not taking care of the environment.

Paul Henderson
2021-07-09 17:56:25

Novoman, I am not saying for one minute that I support this project. My point is that Harlow Labour were fully aware and supportive. To claim they were ‘duped’ is nonsense. If so they must have been imbeciles. Check the HGGT website. Their footprint is very clear.

John Wake
2021-07-10 14:12:51

I would just like to point out that the new Stort crossing proposal is not new. The planning application was submitted in 2019, as were three other applications also related to the construction of Harlow North. The planning application is being jointly handled by East Herts District Council and Harlow District Council. The ruling Labour Group on Harlow Council approved the project.

David Hughes
2021-07-11 09:35:50

Tell me, how do you know when a labour MP is not telling the truth? Well I'll tell you. Its when his lips are moving

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