Possible by-election in Staple Tye as councillor contracts Covid

General / Sun 18th Jul 2021 at 07:25am

THE possibility of a by-election in Harlow is not out of the question after a Labour councillor has been laid low by Covid-19.

Staple Tye councillor John Strachan made the announcement on social media on Saturday morning.

The political complication is that cllr Strachan has not attended a Harlow Council meeting of any kind since February 25th, 2021.

Under the Local Government Act 1972; “when a Council Member fails to attend any meeting for six consecutive months from the date of his last attendance, he ceases to be a member of the authority, unless the Council accepts a reason for the failure to attend before the six months period expires.

There are no more council or cabinet meetings until September, a month after councillor Strachan’s six month period but there is a planning meeting in August and YH understands that Labour may arrange for cllr Strachan to be a substitute.

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7 Comments for Possible by-election in Staple Tye as councillor contracts Covid:

Michael Hatton
2021-07-18 13:31:10

Sir. Seems somewhat strange, that the Councillor who forever carps and criticises about others failing to act in a correct manner, didn't pull his finger out as the Leader of the Lab group and read this character the riot act, er, people in glass houses etc.

Herbert Thompson
2021-07-18 14:45:04

so who's going up for the next leader for staple tye be interesting to find out Laura Alpine use to run staple tye see if she will go for it again she was good friends with Jermy Corbyn when he came to Harlow.

Tony Durcan
2021-07-18 17:06:51

Before this becomes an issue can I please reassure Harlow that we still have and Retain a hard working dedicated local councillor supporting and enabling the community in Staple tye ward. The local councillor is still working and available for his local community. I know this as he has been in touch with the decision made by the Tories to stop the council house building on the old Lister house site. As well as issues in Berecroft. So don’t worry he isn’t going away. Like everyone else at certain time you have genuine reason why you can’t be more visible but I know this is a none story going no where.

2021-07-18 19:58:59

Looking at the behaviour of Cllrs at the last week I doubt that the gathering was worthy of having the status of a Council Meeting more like a squabble in the nursery playground.

2021-07-18 23:08:33

Can anyone throw any light on why plans for Council house building has stopped on the former Lister House site and while they are at it, what about the Elm Hatch site, which has been derelict for some four years. Both were subject to public consultation, with detailed plans of what was to be built.

2021-07-20 21:48:49

So that is why John Strachan had not got back to me when I rang him and sent an email. So what was Stefan Bullard's reason for not replying to either my voicemail and email I sent!

2021-07-23 10:55:30

If John Strachan cannot be bothered to represent his residents at Council, he should stand down. I assume he is still collecting his allowances. Shameful.

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