Letter to Editor: Is there really a new council?

Politics / Thu 5th Aug 2021 at 10:22am

Dear Editor,

I HAVE been a long time Labour voter. However, in May, I was impressed and excited by the Conservatives and their plan to “build back better”.

I was frustrated with the general state of the town and decided (as did many) to vote for what seemed a promising alternative to the then Labour Council.

I must say that after three months, I feel as if I had been misled. I have seen nothing of the promises even start to materialise, no communications or positive actions and no direction. After so much expectation, it is hugely disappointing to see bins still uncollected and grass and hedges overgrown. Just seems more of the same. It is hardly surprising that voter turnout for local elections is so low. I must say that I fear for the future of this town.

The Conservatives offered a vision and a future that our town could sign up to – in fact, they did – but nothing has changed. Of course some parts will take longer like the new hospital and new town centre, but if the bins still can’t be collected and the grass and hedges still not cut, do we have any real hope of the big projects being delivered? 

Yours sincerely,

Mary Pennington

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7 Comments for Letter to Editor: Is there really a new council?:

Dave Saunders
2021-08-05 11:13:22

I too thought they might actually deliver on what they promised. So far, squat! Just empty words. At least Labour, useless as they were, didn’t make any promises. After all the Tory hype, as soon as they won, total silence!

Jane Collins
2021-08-05 13:53:38

The Harlow Conservatives ran a really professional campaign. Pity that those now running the show are not up to scratch. Just hot air. People feel let down.

Mike Reynolds
2021-08-05 15:40:03

They promised tax cuts, town centre improvement, new homes for Harlow families, more police, music venue, etc, etc. Not heard a thing about any of these since. Can’t even collect the bins. A bunch of comedians having a laugh at our expense!

2021-08-05 16:02:14

It is sad, but it seems we have swapped one rudderless boat for another, equally useless and with no direction. Both Labour and Tories support the Harlow/Gilston project. Maybe it is time to vote in local elections for non-mainstream parties such as the Harlow Alliance Party or Greens. Labour and Tories are just on ego trips.

Maureen Davies
2021-08-05 17:44:32

Different clowns, same circus. All sounded great but just empty promises by the look of it.

2021-08-06 15:12:05

I think what is overlooked is the same reactive civil servants working in senior positions within the council resistant to change and modernising if it threatens the risk of them needing to work more than they already are. Even down to the HTS/ Kier / Harlow council employees same people different politics of red tape, see them all stacked up high around the cafes in town for 3 hour lunch breaks. Look at the grass cutting being carried out, you'll often see 2 mowers almost arm in arm together for the entire journeys. Who is checking their work?! The other day I saw one driving along the road having cut a grass patch, but left the overgrowing grass verge alone, how hard would it have been to have returned back along he verge... Sorry thats for the following day.. Regardless of what new political party comes into power if they cannot get the lazy reactive, "play it safe", or "we've always done it that way" dead wood gotten rid of nobody is going to make a change. As controversial as it was when the College principle made everybody reapply for their jobs, it shook up the system and grew. The same needs to happen with the council! These people can fail and make catastrophic errors, yet get off unscarred knowing they're safe to just sit there and not upset the apple cart. Enough is enough!

2021-08-12 18:42:48

Perhaps one of the issues might be the barrier created by over paid council officers . I think a freedom of information might highlight how money has been spent with many years of nothing to show for it !! Regeneration needs to have inspiration not high salaries !!!

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