Harlow Greens respond to climate emergency report

Politics / Tue 10th Aug 2021 at 08:50am

A MEMBER of the Harlow Green Party has reacted to a United Nation’s report that human activity is changing the climate in unprecedented and sometimes irreversible ways.

The report in full can be seen below.

Jamie Gilbert, who was the Green Party candidate at the recent Mark Hall By-election said: “The global warming issue we are facing on our planet right now is more extreme than ever. We do not need reports to tell us how bad it is. We turn on the TV and see some countries that have been set alight whilst others are drowning in flash floods. The cost to human life has been extreme.

As the report states, world leaders have known for years about the effects of global warming and have chosen to do nothing. This generation of leaders does not have a choice but to act.

It’s every humans responsibility to do our part now. Although some of the damages are inevitable and irreversible, we need to act now to preserve as much of our planet and prevent further devastation, not only across our country but the entire world.

Our leaders need to be doing everything they can no matter what the cost is to invest in renewable energy.

We have a Conservative goverment wanting to lead the world in fighting climate change and wanting to host climate discussion with world leaders whilst at the same time promoting new coal mine industry in Cumbria. The goverment cannot be sending mixed messaged like this.

For too long we have heard excuses time and time again. It’s time for positive action to actually take place before more human life is lost due to global warming.


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