Council policies ‘inconsistent’ with climate goals

Politics / Fri 13th Aug 2021 at 03:44pm

MORE than a third of English councils support policies that could increase carbon emissions despite having declared a “climate emergency”, BBC research suggests.

Road building and airport expansion are among examples provided by 45 out of 121 questionnaire respondents who say they have passed climate motions. 

Environmentalists say the findings reveal “inconsistencies” in approach. 

Local leaders insist they are taking action but need more funding. 

Between March and June the BBC surveyed all 149 top tier councils in England, of which 136 responded. 

  • Almost nine in 10 councils (121 out of 136 respondents, 89%) have declared a “climate emergency”
  • Of those, more than one in three councils (45 out of 121 respondents, 37%) said they supported at least one policy that could increase carbon emissions, such as new road building or airport expansion
  • About two-thirds of councils (91 out of 136 respondents, 67%) said the pandemic had affected their plans to tackle climate change.

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2 Comments for Council policies ‘inconsistent’ with climate goals:

James Humphreys
2021-08-13 19:02:55

Well this isn’t a surprise. I asked a question at a meeting in January about electric car charging points and there seemed to be absolutely no strategy for it, just a statement about a climate emergency and that yes they are needed. No action or indication of a plan…

2021-08-14 19:45:29

According to the BBC link, Herts County Council have declared a Climate Change Emergency, but actually hasn't published a coherent policy, Essex CC have declared and appointed a Commission yet East Herts, Epping and Harlow district councils continue to pursue and support HGGT PFP estate development without as yet delaying to reappraise in the light of the Climate Change Committee report published in June 2021 and the IPCC "CODE RED" report published 9th August 2021. Harlow even cancelled the August planning development Committee meeting! The Councils have be warned about the devastating consequences of building the bridge barrier crossing down along and across the natural nature reserve , the Stort River Valley, from Pye Corner to River Way (and modifying the crossing at fifth Avenue) and despite knowing from figures published by the developers, simply building the structures will release 19512252 kg of Carbon dioxide per year, this is equivalent to 160 million Km of car journeys every year to off set ie reduce the miles actually travelled every year. On top of this embodied carbon footprint to get a figure that represents must be added the damage to the Climate the pollution and release of carbon dioxide from the actual traffic and the inadequate design of the bridge barrier crossing. Both Climate Change reports clearly show that legislation wrt to historic / current Planning and Environmental Protection have and will both completely fail to protect the natural ecology and environment. The PFP HGGT alliance have failed to engage with community experts and failed to recognise that there are other more environmentally and lower cost options. The Director of the Project has not responded to invitation to meet to work cooperatively to combat climate change and potential damage to consider ways hggt could be ultra green, the alternatives to building the Bridge barrier crossings and how the current Hggt and Harlow development plans could be developed to be world class ultra green developments. The UK is not resilient to Climate Change and this is one of the reasons why the IPCC report has been headlined as "Code Red". It applies especially to hggt pfp because changes now like building a main sewer 4 miles down the Valley will create have consequences for a century. Immediate and significant actions are needed. Stop the bridge barrier crossing, as advised by Robert Halfon, go back to the drawing board, adopt greener options and put right the "mistake" that was the 2020 Development plan. As demonstrated by this project and the disaster at Kathyrine's estate, the current planning system is broken. Harlow Conservatives voted against the 2020 plan but now they are in power and can stop the development they have so far done nothing but to acquiesce. Why? The UK Conservative Government is trying to lead and persuade the world at COP 26 in November to go green, Harlow Conservative MP, has tabled a question in Parliament expressing concerns, all of the Councils at local and district levels are Conservative so politically immediate action should be easy. Labour doesn't seem to have a publically clear position so the way should be clear. Going ultra green and becoming a world leader in developing the technology and Engineering would also work extremely well economically because of the new ultra green industries and jobs that would follow. Nationally there are thousands of development projects that need to be reappraised. The national Community Planning Alliance group was only set up in March and already have registered 500 major property development that threaten the environment and ecology and are failing to plan. On top of this road development is out of control because it completely fails to take into account the 60 % shift in modes of transport and new engineering. Who but property developers gains from perpetuating the current inadequate system?Save the Stort and Save the Planet.

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