Two homes in Harlow found to support Afghan families

News / Fri 27th Aug 2021 at 07:34pm

HARLOW Council has helped find two homes in the private rented sector which can used to support Afghan citizens resettling in the UK.

The two family-sized homes offered by a Local Lettings Agency will be made available to Essex County Council in the coming weeks to support Afghan families as part of resettlement programmes.

Last week the Leader of the Council pledged that the council would help and find suitable accommodation through the private sector.

Councillor Andrew Johnson, Leader of Harlow Council, said: “Following last week’s developments our housing team moved quickly to work with private housing providers to identify suitable homes, which can be used to resettle and support Afghan citizens coming to the UK as part of resettlement programmes. One provider has made a commitment to provide two homes. These are not council homes, these are private sector homes which would not normally be available or allocated to families on the Harlow Housing Needs Register. The resettlement programmes will be funded by the government and coordinated by Essex County Council and will include much-needed wraparound specialist support to help the families settle here.

“I very much hope that these homes, once they are ready, will make those families coming to Harlow and to Essex feel welcome. Not only will it provide them with a new home, but the opportunity to start a new life away from the threats of persecution from the Taliban and an uncertain and desperate situation which has unfolded in Afghanistan. I am pleased that Harlow is doing its bit to assist the government as part of a national effort to help women, children and others most in need from Afghanistan.“

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10 Comments for Two homes in Harlow found to support Afghan families:

Tony Durcan
2021-08-27 20:09:06

Very pleased that the Tory controlled council has changed it position and is offering support over this terrible situation. Showing compassion even very late in the day should be welcomed. Grateful that they have supported Labour concerns. Humanity matters.

2021-08-27 20:28:15

And all the homeless in Harlow? Tough you'll have to continue sleeping rough.

2021-08-27 20:55:44

Im pleased we are helping them but i can’t understand why our homeless in the town remain homeless but you can find “ two family-sized homes” for Afghan families but do t get me wrong we need to help them but please help our people as well

Dave Jennings
2021-08-27 21:30:19

Hang on! Last week this Johnson bloke said Harlow had no homes available. Now he has found two houses. What about Harlow people? What a lie. This guy is a total fraud! We are lost with this so called council leader. He is just screwing our people.

Sue edwards
2021-08-28 01:11:18

Diabolical,my daughter is homeless

2021-08-28 02:08:08

These must be "void" homes.

2021-08-28 07:59:35

All very well but there are many needy people in Harlow - when will they get a home?

2021-08-28 08:30:57

When they move in there will be the customary photo shoot, plenty of back slapping and opportunism. How will that make the honest, decent hard working people in Harlow feel...knowing they have loved ones pushed back again. Many councillors have spare rooms, if you want to appear honorable , well, do the the right thing. You can all put your hands in your own pockets whilst going about it.

You’re all dunces
2021-08-29 07:59:31

These homes are from the private sector you dunces. Sue edwards - if your daughter is homeless, she’d be provided a property either in or around Harlow - just speak to the council. If not, I’m sure as a parent you’d not see your daughter struggle. All the others here complaining. None of you will ever know how it is to run from a country that is constantly at war, where children are trained to behead grown men, where soldiers run people over with vehicles like steamrollers and tanks only to make propaganda videos... these people deserve a chance in a new home, have some respect. If you were in their shoes you’d be doing the exact same thing. So quit your whining about “the British taxpayer” - you guys helped the US create this situation, and most British people didn’t raise concern or alarm about the invasion in the early 2000’s so live with it - and learn to be better people.

Robert Jeakins
2021-10-21 05:56:02

Harlow people first. More off out tax payer money waisted on outsides help our people .my Daughter can not get a counsel house .she rents private paying 1000 per month she works in harlow PAH AS A NURSE SHE HAS A FAMILY TOO O I FOR GOT SHE WAS BORN HERE

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