Letter to Editor: Time for police to walk the streets of Little Parndon

General / Tue 7th Sep 2021 at 02:54pm

Dear Editor,

AS a resident of Little Parndon, I am very disturbed with the recent stories I have read on this area within the last few months.

My family and I moved here 12 years ago and it was a breath of fresh air moving from Staple Tye.

Eight years ago, I asked the police to do a speed check within Hodings Road due to the speed and the manner of driving from some drivers. I eventually got a local beat officer to come out to do a sample check and within minutes his colleague was already pulling over someone for excess speed.

This continued for almost an hour and the agreement was made that speed strips would be placed on the road.

The day came but due to snow falling no drivers were believed to be speeding. Since then this has become worse and I’ve asked Essex Police on many many occasions to do another but as yet still nothing done.

At the same time we started to get mini motos and dirt bikes riding on the paths with children on them also pulling wheelies in the middle of the road, ( at school times as well as the weekends)

I can honestly say I must have rung the police hundreds of times and they are not interested.

The Police have said to me in the past “What are they doing wrong?” “We can’t do anything” “Do you know who they are”

Now to other crimes

Just in the last few months alone.

Dirt bikes and mini motos on a very regular basis
My neighbours front door kicked repeatedly by four youths at 12.45 in the afternoon.
Garages broken into
Drug dealing
Anti social behaviour
Cars using the road as a race track.
Six cars wing mirrors kicked off ( I even had the CCTV police not interested)
Bike found believed to be stolen ( police never came out and was stolen again)
Car with no MOT (told by police it’s a council issue then told by an officer no MOT is at the bottom of our list)

Even as I write this there’s a dirt bike riding up and down the road like an idiot, certain sections are a 20 MPH limit.

Like Your Harlow’s article, this is a snap shot of what’s gone on in the last few months just on a single road (not estates) of around 50 metres long and you have comments from the police to say it’s a safe place to live.!

This coupled with comments from Cllr Durcan to say report it? As the above mention Cllr doesn’t even live in the ward how does he know what’s going on 24/7

All the councillor is trying to do is make it a political issue but when the Police Service is not interested in any issue why should residents have any faith in them or the local councillors?

It seems that Cllr Durcan has an opinion on everything on Your Harlow at the moment but he needs to learn to represent his residents and with an issue such as this should be man enough to put party politics aside and sort the issues out for the people he is meant to represent not carp from the sidelines. “Do your job”

According to the Essex Police website there are 16 Police Constables for this area one PCSO plus two Specials? Where are they? Never do you see them on foot patrol, on a bus or bike, they are only ever in a car up to 5 and yes I’ve seen it,on a blue light and the only time I hear from them is for me to check my CCTV on some things to help them.

Perhaps senior officers sitting in an ivory tower need to understand towns are not the same and maybe learn about different areas not just on a spread sheet, howabout they get out in the streets on foot and patrol morning, noon and especially at night and they can put a coat on if they get cold.

Best regards,
Lee Dangerfield

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10 Comments for Letter to Editor: Time for police to walk the streets of Little Parndon:

2021-09-07 15:50:06

That's everywhere though.

Tony Durcan
2021-09-07 17:03:56

Pleased to read Lee has given me a quote again, thank you. He’s absolutely right I don’t live in the ward just like most other councillors I still visit my ward on the regular bases as part of my job ,to socialise or working with Jean and Chris at the weekend talking to residents.This weekend I should be at the local church event. There is a very simple fact in that policing is only as good as we make it via taxation and good governance. These are and have always been about political priorities and political choices. Just like the NHS we should invest more. Let’s make policing more visible available and local. So I’m pleased Both myself and Lee agree on this key priorities. We have never agreed political when he was a Tory councillor and I suspect we never will. I fear policing in this country has got worse under this Tory Government. I suspect more people regardless of where they live may agree with me. Be absolutely assured I will continue to speak up and speak out for what matters for the benefit of my town and my ward. Grateful for the chance to keep this debate alive. Thank you.

2021-09-07 21:45:24

The above statement is absolutely correct, I have lived in this area for many years but lately as the issues described above this is all happening everyday and it is very frustrating for everyone in this area, lately there has been dirt bikes with annoying loud exhausts riding around without a care in the world around the area, constant beeping of horns for no reason, garage parking and people being harassed for leaving there car there, uninsured/no mot cars in garages and all around the area, storage garages, breaking of the speed limit and dangerous driving, speed humps removed and damaged, drug dealing as well and I would like it al l to go back to normality and fairness. I would like it if the police did walk around this area because the safety of children and the people who live here deserve to live there lives as they once did, because the area being ruined with inconsiderate people, if the police would actually come and walk around and analyse the issue I would have a lot of respect for them for doing so, I dont want to get political but for safety it is a top priority, the area is full of wonderful people of all types and ethnicity's and everyone must be safe. I wish the council would look into more parking especially as all the roads have pretty much become single lanes because of the amount of cars, this must be addressed as soon as possible.

2021-09-07 23:44:43

We all deserve more in Harlow, to feel safe, the police have allowed crime to take hold. These youths are affecting people's quality of life remember we pay your wages. put more on the beat, and less behind desks.

Concerned citizen
2021-09-08 00:42:44

Lee some excellent points there. I have seen these clowns riding around on Mopeds and Mini Motos. But when the police chase them and they crash and die. It would be the police officer gripping the rail as the government would not support them. We need more resources on the ground and police walking the streets. This is never going to happen though as Theresa and the Tories have stripped the emergency services and especially the police to the bare bone. Essex police at the best of times are incompetent let alone when stretched to the max.

2021-09-08 05:39:14

Perhaps Cllr Durcan can tell me and my neighbours what he’s actually done in the last few years working with the police to reduce crime and also what he’s done in relation to the points outlined in my letter? Then could he demonstrate his communication to people such as myself and my neighbours. Also what work he’s carried out with community safety officers in relation to the above? Perhaps he could answer if he thinks at the present time is Little Parndon a safe place to live for all residents? This situation hasn’t appeared overnight and has steadily been getting worse over the years, this cannot continue at the same rate. I am very concerned in relation to the crimes that have taken place recently and it needs a clear action plan to deal with the issues.

2021-09-08 12:37:06

The police need to get out of their cars and see the real world. we never had all this trouble when we had bobbies on the beat

2021-09-08 16:44:44

Well, I agree with the open letter. I have lived in the Town my entire life in various areas currently this ward for the past 5 years or so. There is a maximum decibel requirement for motorbikes set at 82 - 86 decibels approximately so this is reason enough for the police to act. I have a regular bike going past my house, with the window open it drowns out the TV with ease (just gone past as I write this). I remember years ago my brother being pulled for a noisy car exhaust, in that instance the Bobby on the beat flagged him down for a ticking off. As far as anti-social behaviour goes Your Harlow reports just recently of machete instances in Rams Gorse and the Shark car park to name a few. I originate and grew up in the Stow area, and had a local Bobby affectionately called Horizontal, he was not one to be messed with. In all honesty, I can't remember the last Bobby I see on the beat.

Tony Durcan
2021-09-08 16:52:23

Very happy to confirm that nearly all residents I speak to are very happy about living in the ward of Hare Street and Little Parndon. It’s a great location and very proud of the community comradeship. We like every area have issues and challenges with anti social behaviour. Parking remains the main issue on the doorstep. Poor community maintenance and bin collection remains an problem. Badly managed roads and footpaths are a continuous issue. As local councillors we work alongside all partners including the police ,church ,community and voluntary groups ,even the local wombles. No area is perfect but we’re doing ok. I agree we need to have more visible available and local policing, not drive by policing ,leave a message policing or CCTV policing.

2021-09-09 15:24:42

Horizontal, he was a copper that all the kids knew of, had a few back handers off of him just what we need.

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