Do all the Harlow Conservatives live in Harlow?

Politics / Sat 18th Sep 2021 at 12:43pm

THAT’S the question asked by veteran Labour councillor Mike Danvers on Thursday night at a meeting of the full council.

The questions and answers can be seen below.

Follow film from the 9.45 point

After the meeting, cllr Danvers said: ” It was revealed at last night’s meeting that some Conservative councillors have failed to register their address in the Council’s legal document, the declaration of interest.

“The portfolio holder Russell Perrin said he would encourage them to do so. It is all rather mysterious whether these councillors have something to hide behind their anonymity. For the record all Labour councillors have listed their addresses in the declaration.

Councillor Mike Danvers added: ” This is all most odd. Normally when councillors are elected they normally make known the fact that they live amongst their electors and this is normally reflected in the declaration of interest.

“Councillors need to be accountable and show everything is above board in line with the government’s Nolan principles of correct behaviour as publicly accountable figures.

“Not doing so just bring local authorities into disrepute”

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6 Comments for Do all the Harlow Conservatives live in Harlow?:

2021-09-18 13:59:39

I bet the labour lot live in their own houses purchased through Mrs Thatcher's Right To Buy scheme..

2021-09-18 17:15:16

Really this is the best Labour has got … quite simply PATHETIC.. suggest you focus On real issues and stop this petty pseudopolitical posturing… it does not impress anyone. This country needs a viable opposition after the shambolic mess Corbin and his cronies left behind.. these tactics are helping no one..

Andrew Bray
2021-09-18 18:42:33

This is a very fair question, why have politicians regardless of party not complied with customary procedure? On a different level it's very similar to Trump refusing to disclose his tax returns.

2021-09-19 07:49:44

The questions that should be asked are: how many Councillors at district and county levels have interests in property developing and road building companies? Is it possible for anyone who does to fairly scrutinise building plans or on behalf of the electorate? And, why should anyone with such possible interests not be required to put them aside or into Trust whilst in office?

Pauline S
2021-09-19 15:41:15

Andrew Bray is correct. The most recent HARLOW TIMES only provides c/o addresses for 6 Labour Councillors [Harvey, Dunne, Watson, Vince, Edwards & Davis] and 9 Conservatives [Swords, Leppard, Morrison, Perrin, Williams, Malik, Eddie Johnson, Steer & Saggers] - 15/33. In three Wards not one Councillor provides a proper address - Bush Fair, Toddbrook & Mark Hall. Therefore they are in the minority because 18 provide their home address. So 55% are prepared to inform voters they do live in Harlow and 45% don't want their home addresses made public. At one time full addresses were always given - why the change? One in the "black list" is supposed to represent me but fails to respond so can't ever expect my vote!

Nicholas Taylor
2021-09-20 08:29:03

I am afraid that in this day and age when people in all walks of the public eye are trolled and threatened on line on a daily basis it should come as no surprise that they are reluctant to give their address. What is important is that all those involved in making decisions about the future of this town have a very close connection to it and preferably live here. Its a sad fact that this is not the case, those on the Harlow Growth Board, the Hospital Board, the Harlow and Gilston Town Board, senior council officers and many other groups have memberships made up of largely people who do not live in the town and simply do "not get it" when it comes to the history of the town and what goes to make up such a good community. It would be like me being asked to make decisions about the future of say Norwich, I have been there many times but I should not be making decisions about its future. One has to say that if the two main Parties are having trouble finding candidates who do live in Harlow, it is a sad state of affairs.

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