Leader of Harlow Labour reflects on first six months in opposition

News / Thu 14th Oct 2021 at 12:48pm

IN THE wee small hours of May 6th, 2021, Little Parndon councillor Chris Vince thought he was about to lose his seat.

He survived at the local elections but many of his colleagues did not, including the leader of Harlow Council, Mark Ingall.

Soon after, councillor Vince became leader of the opposition, charged with the task of getting Labour back into power.

It won’t happen overnight, nor will it probably happen in May 2022, when the next set of local elections occur.

He may well have to look to 2024 to get back in charge.

YH met up with councillor Vince in the town park to reflect on Labour’s performance over the past six months as well as the new Conservative regimes’ record.

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1 Comment for Leader of Harlow Labour reflects on first six months in opposition:

Nicholas Taylor
2021-10-14 13:45:13

Chris is absolutely right in one respect, having been a candidate myself for The Harlow Alliance Party at last May's elections, Tory Candidates were quite clear when speaking to me at the Counting centre at Latton Bush , they said hoped to win five seats, three of which they already held and never thought they would sweep the board and take control of the Council. They are now finding that it is much harder being in control than when in opposition and clearly made pledges to the electorate which they never thought they would have to meet. Chris says he is out and about talking to residents every weekend, it is a shame that when Labour were in control that they never took real steps to consult residents and all to often took the attitude of 'we know best' (Bushey Croft and the Local Plan come to mind), his Party paid the price for this last May. The Tories are already following the same footsteps, their planned Town Centre consultation is another abysmal example of this, biased questions, un-costed and no idea given of how it's success will be measured, indeed is it really consultation or just about informing residents of what has already been decided?

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