Harlow man identified as motorist who sprayed Insulate Britain protestors with ink

News / Fri 29th Oct 2021 at 07:45am

A HARLOW man has been identified as the motorist who threw ink over Insulate Britain protestors after they blocked a road in London.

Andrew Dutton was filmed walking along the row of protestors spraying them with ink after they had refused to move from the A40 in North Acton, West London.

The Daily Mail reported that the 38-year-old from Harlow, who works with bands and arranges concerts, later told friends he was frustrated after asking the protestors to move to allow an emergency vehicle through, only for them to refuse and stay put.

Friends have hailed Mr Dutton a ‘hero’ for taking a stand against the eco mob as they caused yet more mayhem on London’s roads – despite court injunctions banning them from staging the sit-down protests.

The protesters have brought chaos to motorways and A roads in the capital since mid-September with 146 people taking part in the campaign and 739 arrests made so far – but not one person yet been charged.

The activists were effectively banned from all major roads in England on Monday after a landmark High Court ruling.

The protestors are effectively banned from holding a protest on 4,300 miles of motorways and A roads across the country

But despite the threat of prison and unlimited fines the protestors have vowed to continue with their sit-down demos.

Activists warned that the disruption will continue, with a spokesman for the group adding: ‘Insulate Britain will return to the roads at the earliest opportunity to continue our campaign of nonviolent civil resistance until Boris Johnson gets on with the job of protecting the people of this country. 

‘Insulate Britain has a duty to continue our campaign and we will not be bystanders whilst the Government condemns this country to death.’

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21 Comments for Harlow man identified as motorist who sprayed Insulate Britain protestors with ink:

2021-10-29 09:47:41

Finally, something to be proud about. Well dine that man.

2021-10-29 10:12:23

Well done, he deserves a medal. These thugs cannot be allowed to hold the rest of us to ransom., whilst the UK's pathetic police forces and courts fail to arrest and jail these criminals.

2021-10-29 13:49:38

Disgraceful behaviour, especially given how several of the peaceful protesters were elderly, and at least one a former GP. Those hailing Andrew Dutton as a hero should be ashamed, particularly as what he did constitutes assault. Civil protests are an important part of our history, and these peaceful protesters simply care about the future of this planet. Those applauding Andrew Dutton for this assault: look at yourselves.

2021-10-29 15:27:07

The police & courts are letting us down !! Stopping emergency vehicles is unforgivable. Just drag them off the road

2021-10-29 16:19:47

WL Old enough to know better and not endanger lives. Well done Andrew.

2021-10-29 17:10:13

WL They are a branch of Extinction rebellion who are associated with aims such as the destruction of central government and the replacement of an elected parliament with local "soviets" as in the defunct USSR. (and that went well !) They are yet another minority far left wing protest group on a civil disobedience bandwagon trying to cause chaos and unrest in the UK.

Mary J
2021-10-29 18:11:44

I agree with WL, it’s assault. Dutton lost his temper which shows his true colours. He chose an old man to assault. The ink could have destroyed this mans eyes . This 77 year old man was an ex GP, not a thug . Have some respect and stop hero worshiping someone who doesn’t deserve it.

2021-10-29 19:00:46

I am afraid that Andrew Dutton's behaviour typifies that short sighted,selfish and aggressive attitudes of many people I encounter in and around Harlow (although I suspect it's much wider than Harlow). These people are trying to save the planet for our future generations to come. He seems only interested in 'me me me'. Selfish 'me me me'. Many of these people are elderly respectful people who are genuinely scared we are poisoning the word.... our world. To assault them like he did is disgustinly selfish and ignorant. He should be ashamed of himself and so should those who encourage him

2021-10-29 19:26:32

That guy should be locked up for assaulting protestors, why have the police not arrested him yet?

2021-10-29 20:10:19

What has the old git claiming he is a GP got to do with it Mary J & WL ? Harold Shipman was a GP after all !!! Just because he claims to be a retired GP, does not give him any more the right to disrupt others lives in the way he and his fellow campaigners are. They can protest as much as they like but in a way which does not impact or endanger others, like the recent M25 protests. The simple fact is they are equally selfish and cynically use the claim of "saving the world" as an excuse for their actions. The leaders of IB use elderly protestors as a ploy to obtain sympathy. Well, that sympathy has now gone.

2021-10-29 20:27:54

This breaks my heart a little bit. These are the oldest and most stubborn bunch now risking their lives for the safety and sanctuary and world for the younger generations to live in. Insulate Britain is about the planets future, of which most people aren’t realising, these protestors won’t even be around for. These are incredibly frustrating situations for both sides, but nobody should be being assaulted for government failures.

Terry Tyler
2021-10-29 21:18:13

What an absolute pussyole this guy is. Not even a music promoter is he anyway what’s that all about, the only thing he’s ever promoted is smelling like a bin and trying to get kids in bands to touch his tripod. Come man yeah you know! Up the Insulate !!

2021-10-30 00:56:51

77 years old , an ex GP and a thug .

2021-10-30 07:00:19

Mary J, he did show his true colour. It was Epsom Light Blue T8505.

David Somerville
2021-10-30 07:15:29

While I don’t agree with the methods of Insulate Britain i do agree with the issues. I could not however condone the act of this idiotic individual on what is nothing less than common assault and the police should be treating it as such.

2021-10-30 08:28:28

And this is where the law is flawed. They have a high court injunction to prevent them from protesting, yet also written in law is the right to protest and freedom of expression.

Clark Renney
2021-10-30 21:21:04

My initial reaction was: "Well Done That Man!" These people are breaking the law and endangering the lives of others. I, like many other people was horrified to hear of the Lady having a stroke, who was prevented from reaching hospital and subsequently suffered catastrophic and life-changing damage because of these people. I do understand that 'protest' does what it says on the tin. Mrs Rosa Parks in Montgomery, Alabama; and Mrs Emmeline Pankhurst here in the United Kingdom both achieved change by making waves and being a bloody nuisance. However, these people faced entrenched, systemic forces of injustice which were bitterly opposed to change. In the case of climate change it seems to me that most people are getting on board with the message. They are buying hybrid and electric cars, re-using plastic bags and trying to be eco-friendly. These protesters are alienating the very people they need to keep onside, and if this carries on, eventually one of them is going to be killed...

2021-10-31 06:30:52

Get out of your car's and drag them by their feet to the side of the road. Dont spray them with ink spray them with cold water and let the weather do the rest

bob guffin
2021-10-31 07:48:36

https://twitter.com/RMSounds is this the guy?

2021-11-05 09:19:26

All those praising Dutton and complaining about "eco thugs" are so myopic they only see the local disruption to their lives, and do not have the awareness or vision to notice the planet we all call our home, gradually losing its ability to sustain all of our lives. Take a look at the bigger picture and stop gazing at your own navels. Better still, get of your arses and join the growing popularity of activism. Your grandchildren will thank you for it.

Phillip Middleton
2021-11-30 18:58:03

This was common assault and of the elderly too. Despicable Dutton deserves to be punished for his actions and the only reason he isn't is because the Insulate Britain protestors have refused to press charges against any of the people who attacked them.

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