Should Harlow follow Chelmsford’s example over fireworks?

News / Mon 1st Nov 2021 at 08:22pm

RESIDENTS of the city are being asked to restrict their fireworks displays to just one hour this year.

Chelmsford City Council’s Rocket O’Clock campaign aims to keep displays “to a reasonable time”, which it says is between 19:30 and 20:30 GMT this Friday and Saturday.

The time coincides with public displays in the city on those two days.

The council said Rocket O’Clock is not a legal requirement, but a “request to please be considerate of others”.

Rose Moore, cabinet member for Greener and Safer Chelmsford, said, “Fireworks can be upsetting for a lot of households. 

“While many are out enjoying the lights and colours, there are others spending their November evenings trying to comfort shaking dogs, supporting a child or adult with sensory issues through the overwhelming noise, or experiencing unpleasant memories because their PTSD [post-traumatic stress disorder] is triggered by fireworks.

“Realistically, we know we can’t stop people having fireworks at home – the law doesn’t support it and of course many people safely enjoy them.

“Rocket O’Clock isn’t a legal requirement – it’s a request to please be considerate of others. It helps families to know when to expect fireworks, it limits the time window when distress is caused and as a bonus, displays look better together.”

This is the second year the council has run the campaign.

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3 Comments for Should Harlow follow Chelmsford’s example over fireworks?:

Robert James Jeakins
2021-11-02 09:14:51

I believe harlow counsel should cancel the eveing to save lives Harlow has over.500 case. S in harlow donot make more case.s of cov 19

Janice Chinn
2021-11-02 14:26:05

I personally think fireworks should be banned full stop a nightmare for pets wildlife and actually to us they are bigger louder and pollute the air 🍂

Lyn Power
2021-11-02 18:40:52

Ban fireworks completely - totally pointless, dangerous - a waste of money & most importantly terrifying for animals.

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