Harlow community renewal projects part of £4.4m in government “Levelling Up” funding

Business / Thu 4th Nov 2021 at 11:27am

THE Government has announced that a £2.7m package of Council backed bids has been approved to boost local skills, jobs and businesses.

The huge funding boost for the local economy comes as part of the UK Community Renewal Fund which is part of the Government’s levelling up agenda.

The package includes:

£476,000 directly for Harlow Council to massively improve supply chains and purchasing powers for local SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) to larger local businesses with new training, technology and procurement protocols.

£717,000 of funding for a project managed by Essex County Council to retrofit private properties to be more energy efficient in Harlow and Tendring.

£1.5 million for projects, including at Harlow College, to rocket-boost careers guidance for residents to ensure young people can access high-quality apprenticeships and jobs with new skills. 

Councillor Dan Swords, Cabinet Member for Regeneration, strongly welcomed the announced. He said: “Today is a fantastic day for Harlow’s businesses and young people. We have helped to secure a £2.7 million package of investment from the Government which will transform careers guidance, apprenticeships and job opportunities as well as massively improving skills and productivity in the local economy. 

“The Council worked very hard on our specific bid and further on those that will benefit the town as a whole and I pay special tribute to the Council Officers who have done so much to make this happen. 

“I passionately believe that investing in careers, skills, apprenticeships and our local businesses is one of the single most important investments that we can make for the future of our town. 

“Building back better is not about these impressive figures, but about improving the life chances for our residents and opening high-quality job and apprenticeship opportunities across Harlow and that is what we are delivering.”

Digital Skills Transformation for Essex’s High Streets – £756,560

Essex IAG Connect – £720,541

Harlow & Tendring Retrofit Pipeline for Economic Renewal – £717,060

Harlow College & Enable East Skills Pilot – £779,537

Harlow Local Procurement Portal – £476,001

Pathways to Diagnostics Trailblazer – £480,807

Planting the seeds for Growth in Tendring – £510,313

Cllr Louise McKinlay, Deputy Leader of Essex County Council and Cabinet Member for Community, Equality, Partnerships and Performance, said: “This announcement means our ambitions to level up Essex are off to a flying start, driving our aim to create prosperity across all of our county

“It’s great news for the businesses and residents of Harlow and Tendring, particularly the local people who will benefit from the opportunity to gain the skills they will need to secure the jobs of the future.”

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2 Comments for Harlow community renewal projects part of £4.4m in government “Levelling Up” funding:

Sean Lynch
2021-11-06 15:51:05

Why is it that the amount of building work gone up in and around Harlow there is nothing in place for when they apply to build that they must use a percentage of the local work force . Nearly all of the workers are from out of the area , you have Harlow college on your door step and none of the large sites around have approached them to take on any students who are learning the trades carpentry and joinery, bricklaying. Why is it not put into the contracts before they are passed by the council that they must take on some of the young learning a new trade and give them a chance, or does that effect their profits as they are not quick enough.

Tony Edwards
2021-11-07 00:36:18

Interesting comment by Cllr Swords - given his comment on 29th October when the Council's Levelling Up Fund bid failed to secure £2O million for Town Centre regeneration. According to his statement today £2.7 million gained is "impressive" whilst £20 million lost is only a "small pot". But well done nevertheless to those involved in securing the £2.7 million.

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