Harlow Council shed light on councillor wearing Freemasons mask at meetings

Politics / Fri 12th Nov 2021 at 12:16pm

A HARLOW councillor will not be on the carpet or even on the square for wearing a mask with the Freemason’s logo during a meeting.

Last week, YH’s all seeing eye noticed that Mark Hall councillor Matthew Saggers (Conservative) was wearing a Covid mask with the Freemasons compass log and a large letter G in the middle.

We wanted to know whether the was something a resident or councillor would lodge a complaint about?

If the big G stood for Grand Architect then would he need planning permission for his mask?

So we asked Harlow Council communications team, whether the could transform darkness into light.

To a degree they did. At least we think they did. They took a week to issue a statement and at one stage we were worried they were trying to hoodwink us.

A Harlow Council spokesperson said: “Councillors were asked to wear face coverings at last week’s Cabinet meeting. The face coverings councillors chose to wear are a personal choice.

“As part of the Localism Act 2011 the national standards board regime was abolished and it was left for individual councils to decide on whether membership of the Freemasons should be declared.

“Harlow does not require its councillors to declare that they are a member of the Freemasons. However, having spoken to Councillor Saggers he does want to be open about his membership and he has asked officers to update his register of interests.

“Councillor Saggers would like to thank Your Harlow for bringing this to his attention”.

Your Harlow couldn’t find a Labour councillor who objected so we can only assume they have all shaken hands over this.

If this story has got your goat, then we apologise.

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6 Comments for Harlow Council shed light on councillor wearing Freemasons mask at meetings:

Number One
2021-11-12 12:51:57

Loving the humour.... I'll bet the rest are all Stonecutters

Jim O’Sullivan
2021-11-12 14:34:21

Has Alan Partridge joined the reporting staff?

2021-11-12 20:36:00

Great to see transparency in public live. I’m guessing it isn’t such a secretive society, I look forward to seeing such determined investigative journalism in action while reading about those council officials who have graduated or are alumni of common purpose or even a break down of a councillors income when performing as a busker.

Marcus Farcus
2021-11-13 12:05:47

So how many Councillors are Freemasons? I think they should level with us

2021-11-13 12:41:30

Maybe I’m missing something, but who cares it’s not offensive to anyone…

2021-11-13 22:19:13

You cannot be both a Christian and a Freemason. The two are diametrically opposed.

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