Nurses unions: “The staff are on their knees” at PAH

Health / Wed 17th Nov 2021 at 07:59am

A SENIOR representative from the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) has tool YH that the “staff are on their knees” at Princess Alexandra Hospital.

Senior officer, Tony Durcan was speaking out after a highly critical report into the Harlow hospital described the A and E Department as “inadequate”.

The report detailed how staff felt working there. it said:

“Staff told us they were exhausted, were not getting breaks, had been in tears while on duty and did not feel they were listened to by senior staff. Despite these challenges, staff should be commended for how kind and caring we saw they were with all their patients.”

We spoke to Mr Durcan about his unions’ concerns and what could be done about it.

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3 Comments for Nurses unions: “The staff are on their knees” at PAH:

2021-11-17 21:43:52

Im sorry but why are Gp surgeries not open 😤 it's absolute madness, i can go shopping, travel on a train into London to watch a theatre show, go watch a football match, get on a plane and go abroad, call NHS111 and see a Gp at the out of hours service at lister house but i can't make an appointment with my own Dr's surgery to see my Gp. If everything else is back to 'normal' why isn't the GP surgeries 🤔 open the surgeries and that would help with pressures and delays in A&E 🤷🏼‍♀️

I stand with you
2021-11-18 08:14:49

And how will we reward these heroes? Let’s threaten to sack them over a vaccine they don’t necessarily want to take- let’s reward our heroes of the NHS with coercion!

David Forman
2021-11-21 02:39:05

Tony Durcan makes some good points: 1. A decent pay rise to attract and retain staff; 2. The invaluable contribution of international nurses, which includes the sad loss of Barclay Mason to Covid-19; 3. Stop the "dithering" about a new hospital and get the diggers on site. Tony says a new hospital will be an asset in attracting new staff. Ultimately, the management of any failing organisation needs examining as well as ensuring adequate resources. Likewise, the failure of General Practioners to see their patients face to face also needs attention. On BBC Radio 4's Question Time this week, Frances O'Grady revealed that Trades Union Congress research showed a shortage of 1000 GPs despite government claims of recruiting more new GPs: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m0011lq6 Also, past closures of nearby A&E units has proved to be unhelpful during this Covid-19 pandemic as well as placing more strain on ambulance services.

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