AA: Best value used cars can now be found in Harlow

Business / Thu 2nd Dec 2021 at 12:30pm

THE best value used cars can now be found in Harlow according to AA Cars.

AA Cars’ regional analysis of used cars on sale in 90 UK towns and cities pinpoints where buyers can still find the best value.

Harlow tops the list, as although the town’s cars are not the cheapest in the country at £15,494 and rank 48th out of all the locations, they offer strong value for money. On average, Harlow’s cars have one of the lowest average ages of used cars in the UK at 3.3 years old. Only seven other towns and cities boast vehicles with a lower average mileage than those found in Harlow.

For anyone looking for a less expensive vehicle, Romford has the cheapest cars in the top 20, with vehicles priced £12,833 on average, the 19th cheapest in the UK. Its cars are the 26th best in the country for low mileage, and ranked 27th out of 90 for age at 4.4 years on average.

Manchester is home to the cheapest vehicles in the UK at £9,397 on average, but prices there are brought down by the high average mileage (56,929) and age (7.1 years) of the city’s cars. Only cars in Hinckley and Luton have a higher average mileage than Manchester, and only cars in Luton are older.

Liverpool was the best value place to buy a used car in 2020. Its cars are still among the cheapest in the country at £12,041, ranking 12th out of 90 locations. However, a higher average mileage of 35,935 meant it finished 28th on the list this year.

In a sign of how much the cost of buying a used car has risen, average prices in Liverpool are 14% higher than they were in 2020.

James Fairclough, CEO of AA Cars comments: “The price of used cars has risen sharply over the past two years, but this research reveals there are still many affordable second-hand vehicles out there, and some offer great value for their age and mileage.

“It’s striking how much regional variation there is, with Harlow coming out on top for its combination of newer vehicles and low mileage. However, the variation in average prices in the top 20, starting from £12,833, shows the versatility of the second-hand market, and how there is a car for every price range.

“This has been especially important of late, with supply issues holding back the new car market and leaving would-be buyers facing long waits for certain new vehicles. Many are turning to the second-hand market instead, and this spike in demand is steadily pushing up prices in many areas.

“Thankfully for anyone searching for a used car, it is easier than ever to look further afield, thanks to online portals such as AA Cars. Looking just a few miles outside your hometown or city could help you find a car that is better value for money.

“For those wanting to ensure their purchase really does offer the best value, we always recommend that buyers organise a pre-purchase vehicle inspection to ensure they can drive away with peace of mind that there are no hidden faults which could cost money down the line.

“You can also consider taking out a warranty to provide further reassurance that you will be covered if your car requires any unexpected repairs.”

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